What's new in Microsoft Advertising Editor?

Check out the new and enhanced features in Microsoft Advertising Editor designed to help you connect with your target customers, boost campaign performance, and improve your ROI.

Version 11.30

Add royalty-free images to your campaigns

Entice customers to select your ad with eye-catching royalty-free images. You can search for images directly from the stock images tab and effortlessly add them into your ads and asset groups. Learn more about stock images.

Create and manage Performance Max campaigns

You can now create and manage Performance Max campaigns in Microsoft Advertising Editor. Instead of manually creating ads, all you need to do is add assets, such as text and images, to your asset groups. Then, Microsoft AI will determine the most optimal assets and audiences for your ads so you can capture the attention of customers who are ready to buy your product or service. Learn more about Performance Max campaigns.

Image extensions for search campaigns

You can now create and edit image extensions for your search campaigns. Seamlessly add images from your website to your ads or choose from existing uploaded images and stock images. Learn more about image extensions.

Associate image extensions with campaigns or ad groups

You can now use image extensions, which simplify the process of adding visual elements to your campaigns. Create, edit, and associate image extensions with your campaigns and ad groups. Learn more about associations for image extensions.

Associations for new audience types

You can now add associations for new audience types: Custom audiences, custom combination lists, customer match lists, and dynamic remarketing lists. Learn more about associations for audience types.

Add logos to your multimedia ads in Microsoft Advertising Editor

You can now add logos to your multimedia ads. Adding logos to your ads can help you to establish a stronger brand presence, make your ads more eye-catching, and capture the attention of your target audience. Learn more.

Create audience shopping campaigns on Microsoft Advertising Editor

You can now create audience shopping campaigns using the data and images from your Microsoft Merchant Center store and product feeds. Audience shopping campaigns will serve on the Microsoft Audience Network to reach people in the right place at the right time on any device. Learn more.

Create multimedia and audience ads on Microsoft Advertising Editor

You can now manage multiple images in multimedia and audience ads. Microsoft Advertising multimedia and audience ads are responsive and automatically adjust in shape and size to naturally blend in with the page they are placed on. You can import images from your Google Ads account using Google sync, add images from your existing Microsoft Advertising account library, and/or add entirely new images that will become part of your account library.

Create smart shopping campaigns on Microsoft Advertising Editor

You can now create and edit smart shopping campaigns in Microsoft Advertising Editor. Smart shopping campaigns automatically optimize your shopping campaigns and target customers who are more likely to convert at higher revenue values. This can help you deliver the right ad to the right customer at the right time—at scale!

Importing your account from Google Ads is easier than ever!

You can now connect your Google Ads account easily. The new smart import simply requires you to sign in, choose your account, and start your import. Microsoft Advertising Editor will then automatically optimize your import settings to ensure best performance.

Manage and edit audience campaigns in the new vertical edit pane

You can now find the edit pane on the right side of Microsoft Advertising Editor. The icons at the top of the pane allow you to easily navigate to specific items you're editing. For example, if you're editing a campaign, you can select the pencil icon to Edit the selected campaign, the target icon to edit Target settings, and more. The pane also contains a search box on top to search for any field.

In addition to managing search and shopping campaigns, the new vertical edit pane allows you to manage audience campaigns. This includes bulk managing campaign settings, bids and modifiers, targeting, and audience associations. Additionally, you can import display campaigns from Google Ads, as well as manage and copy aspects of existing audience ads created in Microsoft Advertising.


As of March 2022, time zones are no longer editable at the campaign level and will instead, directly align with your account-level selection. This is to maintain consistency across reporting and invoice data. Please note that on the day this one-time adjustment takes place, reporting data may show slightly higher or lower amounts of spend; however, the amount invoiced on your billing documents will not be affected.

We encourage you to review your account time zone to ensure its accuracy for all your advertising purposes. Please contact support or your account manager if you have any questions.

Version 11.29

Filter and sort recommendations

You can now filter by specific recommendation errors and warnings in the search box. Learn more.

Version 11.28

Associate audiences with campaigns

You can now use Microsoft Advertising Editor to associate existing audiences with both ad groups and campaigns. Learn more.

Use recommendations to enhance your campaigns

Recommendations are AI-driven suggestions with one goal in mind: Help improve your campaign performance. Recommendations can help you get the most out of your budget by improving bids, keywords, and ads, which can increase the overall efficiency of your campaigns. They can also propose features you may not be taking advantage of as well as help you optimize existing ones. Learn more.

Advanced search and filtering (Window and Mac)

Microsoft Advertising Editor combined both simple and advanced search into a unified search box directly under the toolbar. Here, you can search an account for items that match the criteria that you specify. Filter suggestions will also automatically appear in a drop-down menu, based on what you're typing. You can search and filter by: Campaign type, bid strategy, ad group status, items with errors, warning type, recommendation type, and many more. Learn more.

New look and feel! (Windows and Mac)

We’ve updated Microsoft Advertising Editor’s visual experience to help you stay organized and on top of your accounts. Aside from looks, we updated the names of sections. Be sure to reacquaint yourself with their placement and descriptions. Learn more about our new design.

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