Identity verification status

Learn about the identity verification status.

After moving through the advertiser identity verification process and waiting for the 3-5 business day review, you'll be granted an identity verification status. Below are the different statuses you might be granted:

  • Action required: While the verification has been submitted, some additional requested information hasn't been received. You need to submit the information to complete the verification application soon, or your accounts will be paused, and we'll stop showing your ads.
  • Failed: We couldn't verify your identity, so we may pause your account. Please review your account information and submit a new application or appeal the decision by contacting Support.
  • Not verified: The account hasn't been verified. This might happen if an application for verification hasn't yet been submitted. You need to complete the verification application soon, or your accounts will be paused, and we'll stop showing your ads.
  • Pending: The application for verification is under review. We'll send an email with updates and, if necessary, requests for additional information.
  • Verification not needed: The account doesn't need verification or hasn't been selected for this pilot.
  • Verified advertiser: The account has been verified.
  • Verified limited: You requested to verify as a business, but only your personal identity has been verified. Instead of the legal business name, your first and last name will be shown with ads. To complete business verification, you can contact Support to review your business documents.

View your identity verification status

  1. Select the profile picture in the upper-right corner of any Microsoft Advertising page to view the list of manager accounts you have access to.
  2. Select the account which has a request for advertiser identity verification.
  3. From the top menu, select Tools > Accounts > Account summary.
  4. Select the Management tab.
  5. If you don't see the Verification status column, select Columns > Modify columns to add it.
  6. If action is required (for example, the verification status is Not verified), then select Account settings from the three vertical dots menu.

To learn more about advertiser identity verification or appeal a decision, please contact your account manager or Support.

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