Get to know your Smart Pages custom domains

Find out how to use custom domains with your Smart Pages.

With Smart Pages, you can now create custom domains for your business. Custom domains allow you fine-tuned control over how your business appears to potential customers. By creating a unique custom domain, you allow customers to share your URL more easily.

You have two ways to create your personalized custom domain:

  • Create your Smart Pages web address to a free URL that we'll provide.
  • Connect your M365 for Business account to use a domain you've purchased through that account.
  • Notes

    Change your custom domains through Smart Pages

    1. Sign in to your Smart Pages account.
    2. Select View, edit, and publish my Smart Page.
    3. Select the pencil icon next to your Smart Page URL, or go to the editor's Settings page and select Edit URL.
      • If you have an M365 for Business account, select Connect your M365 for Business account to use a domain you've purchased. From here, you can sign into your M365 for Business account and select any active domain you've purchased through your M365 plan.
      • If you don't have an M365 for Business account, or don't want to use a URL you've purchased through M365 for Business, select Claim your free Smart Pages URL and enter a new URL for your Smart Page.
    4. Select Confirm your changes.
    5. If you're using your Smart Page as part of any Multi-platform ad campaigns, we'll automatically update your campaigns with your new domain.

      Note: This could take up to 72 hours.

    Please wait at least 24 hours before changing your Smart Pages URL again.

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