Microsoft Advertising on BigCommerce: The Microsoft Ads and Listings app

Microsoft Advertising and BigCommerce partnered to create a Microsoft Advertising app for BigCommerce: The Microsoft Ads and Listings app.

Microsoft Advertising and BigCommerce have partnered to create the Microsoft Ads and Listings app. BigCommerce is a premium eCommerce solution, where you can set up and customize an online store, and then effortlessly sell, ship, and manage your products. With the Microsoft Ads and Listings app on BigCommerce, you can use your BigCommerce shopping catalog directly in the Microsoft Merchant Center, where you can set up shopping campaigns to promote your products.

The benefits of using the Microsoft Ads and Listings app in BigCommerce
  • Showcase your products across the Microsoft Advertising Network with free listings.
  • Create paid smart shopping campaigns to promote your products and reach more customers.
  • Track and manage the performance of your campaigns to maximize your business growth.

Set up the Microsoft Ads and Listings app

To connect to Microsoft from BigCommerce, you must first install the Microsoft Ads and Listings app and then set up your store.

  1. From the BigCommerce control panel, select Channel Manager > Create Channel.
  2. Navigate to Microsoft Ads and Listings in the Ads and social tile.
  3. Select Connect.
  4. Select Install > Confirm.
  5. Select Get started.
  6. Select which storefront you wish to sync with and the country/region of sale.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. Confirm that your BigCommerce store meets Microsoft Advertising's requirements by selecting Review and confirm next to each requirement, unless it's automatically confirmed. A popup will appear with more information about the requirement. Make changes as needed.
  9. Once you've confirmed your store meets all the requirements, select Continue.

    Note: We'll review your store after you complete its setup. If any requirement is unfulfilled, your account may be suspended until it's resolved. Please contact Support for help.

  10. Under Your Microsoft Advertising account, you can select either:
    1. Connect your Microsoft Advertising account to connect to an existing account. If you have multiple accounts, you'll be prompted to choose the one you'd like to connect with.
    2. Create a new Microsoft Advertising account if you don't have an existing account. You'll be prompted to sign up for a new account with basic details. We'll follow up via email to confirm.
  11. Enter the Store name, which will be displayed to your customers alongside your products and used for your Microsoft Merchant Center account.
  12. Select the appropriate Currency and Country/region of sale and language options.
  13. Choose how you want to sync your BigCommerce catalog with Microsoft for Product listings (free listings):
    1. Sync entire catalog (default) automatically enables all your products to appear across the Microsoft Advertising Network.
    2. Sync individual products requires you to manually choose individual products you'd like to sync with Microsoft after you complete the setup process.
  14. Select Finish to complete the setup process.

Get started with the Microsoft Ads and Listings app

There are four tabs on the left pane:

  • Overview displays a summary of the products you've synced with Microsoft, notifications, relevant help articles, and a link to Support.
  • Products allows you to manage and view details on your product sync settings.
  • Campaigns shows your campaign performance details.
  • Settings contains information about the Microsoft Advertising account that is connected to BigCommerce and options to add and/or edit your payment method.

UET for BigCommerce

Universal Event Tracking (UET) is the key that unlocks powerful Microsoft Advertising features such as conversion tracking, audience targeting, and automated bidding bid strategies. The key comes in the form of the UET tag, which records what customers do on your website and sends that information to Microsoft Advertising. UET is a prerequisite for conversion tracking, remarketing in paid search, and automated bidding bid strategies. Learn more about UET.

By installing and setting up the Microsoft Ads and Listing app, your UET tag is automatically created and is added to your website. There's nothing more for you to do! You'll see a notification in Overview once you finish the setup process.

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