About automatic Cash back promotions

Learn more about how Cash back promotions can help you optimize your campaign and drive sales.

This feature is available to serve in the United States on Bing in the Edge Browser for desktop.

Cash back promotions incentivizes potential customers shopping on Microsoft Edge to buy your products by showcasing relevant cash back offers. Cash back promotions provides incremental sales and the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS) by showing optimized offers to users at the right time. With Microsoft Cashback, customers can view, manage, and redeem their cash back rewards after making qualifying purchases.

Eligible campaigns are automatically optimized with Cash back promotions. Campaigns with product ads and search ads in the retail segment are eligible to serve cash back offers based on Microsoft Advertising's optimization criteria, driving sales and maximizing your return on investment (ROI). All your campaign settings including targeting, bid strategy, and budget will be the same as before, with potentially more conversions and a better ROAS.

Cash back promotions don't discount the purchase amount at the time of sale and do not impact product values.

Your cash back offers will appear as ad decorations during ad delivery, as shown in the below images.

Cash back promotions ad examples

What you need to know

  • Cash back promotions is a part of Microsoft Cashback, and is fully owned and operated by Microsoft. Microsoft handles all customer engagement and interactions with no action required on your part. This means that your campaign will receive all the benefits of Cash back promotions without any work on your end.
  • We'll automatically determine the best cash back offer amount during ad delivery. Customers typically see Cash back promotions within 0-10% of purchase value.
  • Cash back promotions will never change the price of your products and should not affect your brand image. Customers will still pay the full amount for products, and there will be no change in how they make purchases on your website. Customers can redeem their promotions through Microsoft Cashback after making purchases.
  • Customers can only earn cash back rewards for purchases made within a 24-hour period after clicking on an ad with a Cash back promotion.
  • Not all customers will see Cash back promotions, and not all customers will see Cash back promotions for all ads in eligible campaigns. Some customers might see different cash back offer amounts on the same ad due to Microsoft Advertising's optimization. Microsoft Advertising determines the optimal cash back amount for any product per customer.
  • We will limit how many Cash back promotions customers see as determined by Microsoft for best ad efficiency. For product ads, customers can only redeem cash back for one unit of the advertised product.
  • Customers redeem their Cash back promotions through Microsoft Cashback rather than the advertiser.
  • Campaigns will automatically cover your cash back spend while driving incremental sales to meet the best possible ROAS. The spend increase will be nominal, as it only applies to the eligible portion of traffic.
  • Microsoft makes Cash back promotions available in accordance with all applicable laws, our Microsoft Privacy Statement, and our policies regarding non-discrimination in ad targeting.

We automatically enable Cash back promotions for campaigns in the retail segment that meet the following requirements:

  • Conversions are of type “Purchase.”
  • Campaigns are using a compatible bidding strategy that is optimized for growing conversions and conversion values. Your campaign's budget amount must also be able to support Cash back promotions.
  • Active campaigns with good campaign performance metrics.
Ad delivery
  • Our algorithm will determine how many Cash back promotions potential customers see, when they see them, how often they see them, and the offer amount that they see.
  • Customers can earn cash back rewards on most store purchases when they meet the minimum qualifying purchase amount within 24 hours of selecting your search ad served with store level cashbacks.
  • The attribution of the purchase is done through Microsoft Edge. Where Enhanced UET is available, we may also use those signals to attribute cash backs.
  • All your campaign settings including targeting, bid strategy, and budget will be adhered to as before, with potentially more conversions and a better ROAS.
Performance and reporting
  • There are no additional reporting metrics for Cash back promotions. However, you should see an increase in conversions and ROAS for campaigns that offer Cash back promotions.
  • Cash back promotions is an automated enhancement whose objective is to drive incremental conversions with neutral to positive gains in efficiency.
  • If our algorithm determines that your campaign performance won't improve, our optimization won't serve Cash back promotions for your campaign. Our optimization constantly monitors your campaign performance and has safeguards to automatically detect and mitigate issues with conversions and efficiency.
  • While your cost per click (CPC) is expected to increase nominally for applicable campaigns, we will make sure to only enable this when there is enough budget to accommodate the extra spend. We won't allow your CPC to increase if it is not driving improvements in ROAS and conversions. Typically, advertisers have seen a nominal increase in campaign spend, with a significantly higher improvement in conversions and ROAS.

If you are unsure about how Cash Back Promotions will affect your ads or have other concerns, please contact Microsoft Advertising support. We are actively listening to build product improvements to solve your unmet needs.


Please direct your customers to the Microsoft Cashback support team with all questions, concerns, and issues related to their Cash back promotions.

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