Seasonality adjustments for auto-bidding

Learn how to set up seasonality adjustments for auto-bidding

With seasonality adjustments you can optimize your bids for a short period of time when you expect significant changes to conversion rates, such as a sale or promotion. Seasonality adjustments give you more control over bidding behavior in response to short-lived seasonal events and help prevent suboptimal bidding during these times as well as wasteful spending in the post-period.

For example, you may wish to create a seasonality adjustment for an annual holiday sales event during which you expect to see an increase in conversions. Your seasonality adjustments automatically adjust your bids so you can bid strategically during this time, requiring no manual changes on your part. Seasonality adjustments are only applicable for campaigns with Target ROAS (return on ad spend) and Target CPA (cost per acquisition) bid strategies. Learn more about bid strategies

Why use seasonality adjustments?

Save time. There is no need to manually adjust your bids in response to a seasonal event. Simply input the necessary information for your seasonality adjustment into Microsoft Advertising and we'll take care of the rest.

Optimize your bids. You can maximize your budget by cutting down on missed opportunities and wasteful spending.

Improve your return on investment (ROI). Meet your performance goals by bidding strategically during and after a sale or promotion.

Create a seasonality adjustment

Seasonality adjustments allow you to schedule a conversion rate adjustment for a future sales or promotional event. A conversion rate adjustment is the expected percent increase or decrease during your seasonality adjustment. You should set the adjustment percentage to the anticipated change in conversion rate during the period. For example, based on previous years, you might expect your conversion rate to increase 25% during your Cyber Monday sale. When you create your seasonality adjustment, you'll want to adjust the conversion rate by up to 25% for that day. Your bids will automatically return to their baseline when the sale ends, with no further action on your end.

  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Bid strategies.

    If you're using the new Microsoft Advertising navigation, from the navigation menu on the left, select Tools > Bids & budgets.

  2. Select Advanced controls > Seasonality adjustments.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Enter a Name for your seasonality adjustment.
  5. Optional: Enter a Description for your seasonality adjustment.
  6. Select your Start time and End time.

    Note: The date range for your seasonality adjustment must be 14 days or less.

  7. Select your seasonality adjustment's Scope. For Scope, you can select the Campaign type or Specific campaigns to which the seasonality adjustment will apply.

    Note: You can select or deselect campaigns or change the seasonality adjustment's scope at any time. To change the scope, select the button next to the seasonality adjustment's name, then select Edit > Change settings.

  8. Choose the type of Devices that you would like to target during your seasonality adjustment. You can choose from these options:
    • Computers: Desktop or laptop computers
    • Smartphones: Hand-held mobile devices
    • Tablets: Mobile devices that may not include a phone
  9. Choose Increase or Decrease for the Conversion rate adjustment.
  10. Enter your conversion rate's expected percent increase or decrease during your seasonality adjustment. You should set the adjustment percentage to the expected change in conversion rate during the period.
  11. Select Save.

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