Auto-generated remarketing lists

Remarketing lists that are generated by Microsoft Advertising.

Auto-generated remarketing lists are those that Microsoft Advertising creates automatically for you. These lists help you re-engage with people who are most likely to convert. There are three types of auto-generated remarketing lists:

  • All Visitors. People who have visited your website.
  • All Converters. People who have converted.
  • Smart Remarketing. People who are likely to convert. Smart Remarketing is powered by Microsoft Advertising's audience intelligence and designed to deliver a higher conversion rate.

We use a membership duration of up to 180 days for auto-generated remarketing lists.


You must have a Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag to use any auto-generated remarketing list type. For All Converters and Smart Remarketing lists, you must also have active conversion goals in place. Learn more about Universal Event Tracking and conversion goals.

View your auto-generated remarketing lists

  • From the top menu, select Tools > Audiences. Note: You will see a confirmation message that lets you know new auto-generated lists are available.

Create associations for auto-generated remarketing lists

  1. From the collapsible menu on the left, select All campaigns > Audiences.
  2. Select Create association.
  3. Select the ad group or campaign you want to associate with one or more audiences.
  4. Under Ad group targeting or Campaign targeting, select Remarketing lists for All converters or All visitors lists, or select Combined lists for Smart remarketing lists.
  5. Select your Targeting setting:
    • Bid only: Shows ads to people searching for your ad, with the option to make bid adjustments for the selected audience.
    • Target and bid: Shows ads only to the selected audience, with the option to make bid adjustments.
  6. Adjust the Default bid adjustment. By default, new targeting associations are set to 15%, however, the bid adjustment can range from -90% to +900%.
  7. Under Ad group exclusions or Campaign exclusions, select the audience you want to exclude.
  8. Select Save.

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