Disclaimer in ads

Learn about adding disclaimers to your ads.

Disclaimer in ads allows you to inform customers about specific information related to your business or products. You can add Disclaimer in ads to any responsive search ad or dynamic search ad, whether they are new or existing campaigns.

Get started with Disclaimer in ads

  • Disclaimer in ads is not supported by multimedia ads.
  • Once you enable a disclaimer, you’ll lose traffic from publishers who don’t support disclaimers.
  1. From the collapsible menu on the left, select All campaigns > Campaigns > Create.

    If you're using the new Microsoft Advertising navigation, from the navigation menu on the left, select Create.

  2. Choose Drive conversions or Generate leads as your campaign goal.
  3. Select Search as your campaign type.
  4. Select Search ads below Which ad type would you like to serve?
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Under Campaign settings, select the Show a disclaimer in ads for this campaign checkbox under Disclaimer.

  7. From the Select a disclaimer dropdown menu, choose an existing disclaimer or select Add disclaimer to create a new one.
  8. Follow the steps in the Edit disclaimer window. Note that you can choose a Popup layout that requires you to add a Disclaimer title or Additional line layout, which will replace Ad text 2.

    Note: If you're creating a disclaimer for ads powered by dynamic data feeds (e.g., Automotive ads, Credit card ads, and Health insurance ads), you must choose Popup layout.

  9. Select Save.
  10. Choose a disclaimer to associate with your campaign.
  11. Follow the steps provided by the campaign wizard. Learn more about the different steps of the search campaign creation wizard.
  12. When you get to Ads & ad extensions, select Dynamic search ad or Responsive search ad from the Ad type dropdown menu.

    Also in Ads & ad extensions, you can preview your ad with the disclaimer by selecting Create ad.

  13. Select Save.

While clicking on disclaimers is free, you can still see disclaimer ad performance on the ad level report.

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