Location insertion for responsive search ads and multimedia ads

You can automatically customize what shows in your ad based on dynamic location parameters.

Not everyone can use location insertions in their multimedia ads yet. If you can't, don't worry—it's coming soon!

Calling out locations within ad copy can be a powerful way to improve relevancy by capturing the attention of your consumers in a highly tailored manner. This can lead to more qualified traffic to your website to drive more conversions and a better return on investment. You can now customize your ads to specific locations using the power and simplicity of responsive search ads and multimedia ads. They can be inserted within different headers and descriptions of your ads based on local areas, states, or even countries.

How it works

You can tailor your ads to customers in different regions or cities just by changing a dynamic text parameter. For example, if you have restaurants in several cities you can insert the location code to show specific ads to specific customers in each city.

In the above example, you would enter your headline, description, and/or URL path and type a brace ( { ). You will see a menu for parameter options. Select location. Select what level of location you want to show (City, State, or Country).

Example headline code: We have the best seafood in {LOCATION(City):Tampa}

Now, if someone is in Tampa and are hungry and seeking a seafood dinner, they will see the ad tailored for your Tampa customers. Otherwise, if they are not in the Tampa location, they will see an optimized RSA without the location insertion. You can do this with your header, description, and URL.

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