Smart campaigns: Microsoft Advertising for Android

Stay up to date on your Microsoft Advertising campaigns using Microsoft Advertising App for Android.

The Microsoft Advertising App for Android is a collection of simple tools that make it easy for you to stay on top of your campaigns from your mobile phone. For up-to-date information on releases and new features, check out What's New.


All you need to get started is a device running Android 4.1 or later and an email address associated with an existing Microsoft Advertising account with access to Smart campaigns.

Download the Microsoft Advertising App by selecting the image link below or by searching for "Microsoft Advertising" in your smartphone's app store.

Microsoft Advertising for Android

Signing in

Use the same email address to sign in that you use for your Microsoft Advertising account.
  1. Enter your email address and select Next.
  2. Enter your password and select Sign in.

To switch to a different account, go to the menu icon at the top left and select Accounts. Then just select the account from the list.

To sign out, go to the menu icon at the top left and select Sign out.

Having trouble signing in?

Below are some common reasons why sign in might not work:

"We don't recognize this Microsoft account." You're trying to sign into the app with an email address that hasn't been associated with a Microsoft Advertising user yet. To resolve this issue, you'll need to use a Microsoft account to sign in.

When you try to sign into the app, you see the following message: "There is no Microsoft Advertising account associated with this email address." To resolve this issue, make sure your email address has access to a Microsoft Advertising. If your company is already using Microsoft Advertising, reach out to the person who manages the account and ask them to invite you as a new user. Once they do, you’ll be able to set yourself up as a user on the account and will then be able to sign into the app successfully.


You can change your campaign budget in the Microsoft Advertising Smart Campaign mobile app by going to the Campaigns tab. Select a campaign from the list to see it in the single campaign view. Select Edit next to the campaign name and budget. Select the Daily budget. Just enter your new budget and select Save.

Create or edit an ad

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab.
  2. Select a campaign from the list to see it in the “single campaign view.”
  3. Go to the ads section and select Edit ads.
  4. Select Create ad at the bottom of the campaign view. If you want to edit an existing ad, Select Edit.


The Microsoft Advertising App can send you various notifications about your account. These include:

  • Account or credit hold
  • Payment declined
  • Card will expire
  • Editorial alert for ads

To view and update notifications, go to the menu icon at the top left and select Settings. Then you can turn on or turn off each notification type from the list.

If you are not receiving push notifications, go into your phone's Settings > Notifications > Microsoft Ads, and make sure Allow Notifications is turned on. You may need to also select All apps to find Microsoft Ads

Billing details

Viewing billing details is not yet available in the Microsoft Advertising Smart Campaign mobile app.


Your feedback helps us understand how you use our products so that we can improve your Microsoft Advertising App experience. Complaints, kudos, or bug reports are welcome! Sending your feedback to Microsoft Advertising is easy:
  1. Go to the menu icon at the top left
  2. Select Help and Feedback
  3. Select Contact Support for contact options
  4. Select Feedback and Suggestions to send us a message, or visit the Feedback Forum.

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