About Account map

Learn how to work with Account map.

Account map gives you a full view of how your accounts are organized on the Microsoft Advertising platform. It allows you to view a multi-level hierarchy structure for your accounts, rather than a simple, flat list. It helps you to better understand the true relationships between different entities at all levels and makes account management easier for you.

Benefits of Account map

Account map helps you to:

  • Understand the relationships between entities at all levels.
  • Get a full view of how your accounts are organized.
  • Find a particular account or a manager account’s place in the hierarchy.
  • Identify how owned and linked accounts are grouped and organized.
  • View direct connections around entities.
  • Navigate up or down through the hierarchy.
  • Identify ways to optimize account management.

Open your Account map

From the top menu, select Tools > Account map.

If you're using the new Microsoft Advertising navigation, from the navigation menu on the left, select Tools > Account map.

Working with hierarchies

When you open Account map, by default it only shows manager accounts in your hierarchy. If you want to check accounts, you can turn on Show accounts toggle switch, and select which types of accounts you want to view: All accounts, Owned accounts, or Linked accounts. You can expand or contract nodes in the hierarchy by clicking the arrows.

Use the search field to find accounts or manager accounts by the account name or number. If the account you're searching for is already in the view, its card is highlighted for you. If it isn't in the view, then the view changes to show the account you searched for highlighted in context.

Use the legend at the top of your view to understand what's being shown to you on the account cards. Although, what is displayed and how it's displayed is dynamic, the following will help you understand the items that may appear on the cards.

The account card information may include:
Item Description
Manager account name and number The manager account details.
12-month rolling spend Shows rolling billed advertising spend in your selected currency.
Direct children Indicates how many child entities there are directly under the manager account.
Multi-parents Indicates there are multiple parties managing this account.
Owned (red line) Indicates owners of the accounts.
Linked (blue dotted line) Indicates accounts that are linked to this account.

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