Multi-platform: Credit cards and billing

Adding credit cards and debit cards to Multi-platform is easy and safe, but if you run into problems, take a look at this article for troubleshooting tips.

Not everyone has this feature yet. If you don't, don't worry—it's coming soon!

Your search ads will be eligible to run once you have added a primary payment method. Your monthly billing date is the date that you signed up for Multi-platform.

Billing threshold

We charge your primary payment method when you reach your billing threshold or your monthly billing date, whichever comes first. Your billing threshold works as follows:

  • In order for Microsoft Advertising to validate your primary payment information, we'll charge you after your spend reaches $10.
  • After three successful payments of $10 each, your billing threshold will increase from $10 to $25.
Learn more about the billing threshold.

Your primary payment method will be charged on your monthly billing date unless you have made a successful payment within the past 10 days, either by reaching your billing threshold or by paying your account balance. Your card can be charged multiple times a month each time ad spend reaches your billing threshold. You will be able to see how much you spend in search ads versus social ads, but you won't be able to see the spend on each individual ad platform.


To view your billing threshold, select the profile picture the upper-right corner of any Multi-platform page and then select Billing and payments. The threshold is shown in the Current search advertising balance tile.

Billing thresholds start out low and will automatically increase when you make successful payments. The amount of increase depends on your currency and other factors. Alternatively, Microsoft Advertising automatically decreases your billing threshold if you run into problems paying your charges.

  • For businesses located in the United States, billing is managed by Microsoft Online, Inc. in the United States, and Microsoft Advertising is not required to charge taxes on advertising costs.
  • Microsoft Advertising cannot provide guidance on tax. Please contact your tax advisor or local tax office if you have questions.


If you have a prepay account, you need to add funds to your account before your ads can display on Microsoft Advertising. You can manually add funds whenever you'd like, or you can set up automatic payments (auto-recharge) to make sure there is no pause in your online advertising. If you don't set up auto-recharge and your account balance reaches zero, we'll pause your campaigns and your ads will not display until you add more funds.

The maximum amount of funds you can add to your account depends on the country of your billing address and the payment method you are using to fund your account. You'll see the maximum amount allowed when you add your payment.

Funding a prepay account can be immediate or can take up to three weeks, depending on your payment method.

Manually add funds to a prepay account

  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Billing & Payments.
  2. If you have multiple accounts, choose one from the account selector in the top menu.
  3. From Billing Summary in the Current balance tile, select Add funds.
  4. On the Add funds form, follow the instructions. Instructions vary based on your payment method.
  5. Select Pay now.

Set up auto-recharge for a prepay account

If you sign up for auto-recharge, each time your account balance reaches 20 percent of the recharge amount, we will automatically charge your primary payment method and add funds to your account.

To set up auto-recharge, you need to make sure that you are using a card, PayPal, or SEPA direct debit as your primary payment method.

  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Billing & Payments.
  2. If you have multiple accounts, choose one from the account selector in the top menu.
  3. From Billing summary, in the Current balance tile, select Set up auto-recharge.
  4. Slide the switch to the right next to Auto-recharge settings, select or enter a custom amount, and select Save.

If you're required to pay taxes on your advertising charges. We'll deduct any taxes due from the amount of your payment. You can estimate the amount of taxes due and the amount that will go toward your account balance when you add funds.

Add a payment method

Follow these steps to add a credit or debit card as your payment method:

  1. In the upper-right corner of any Multi-platform page, select the profile picture, and then select Billing and payments.
  2. In the Payment for search advertising tile, select Add new card.
  3. In the drop-down list, choose payment method type.
    • Primary payment method: Payment method charged for search advertising.
    • Backup payment method: Payment method that will be used if the primary payment method didn't cover all charges.
    • Additional payment method: Payment method that is only charged if you make a one-time payment, or if you later set it as the primary or backup payment method.
  4. Enter your credit or debit card number without spaces or punctuation.
  5. Enter the rest of the billing details and then select Save.

You can only remove payment methods that are classified as additional. If you only have one card in Microsoft Advertising, add another card, and assign it as the new primary card. Once that is updated, you can remove your previous primary card. To remove a backup payment method, you must first designate it as an additional payment method.

Inactive accounts cannot be reactivated if they are associated with an expired or otherwise invalid payment method or if the account has had too many declined payments. If you are unable to add a valid payment method, create a new account and enter your credit or debit card information in the new account.


Microsoft Advertising occasionally provides promotional offers or coupons. Although you can't request a promotional offer, you can find them through Microsoft Advertising promotional events, online marketing drives, or other special offers. Promotional offers may require that you spend money on your advertising campaigns first to get a credit toward advertising. The Promotional offers tile is shown on the Billing and payments page.

Make a one-time payment

You can pay the charges on your account before it reaches your billing threshold or your next billing cycle. Partial payments are not accepted.

  1. In the upper-right corner of any Multi-platform page, select the profile picture and then select Billing and payments.
  2. Select Pay account balance from the Current search advertising balance tile.
  3. Select the payment method you want to use.
  4. Select Pay now.

Credit and debit card requirements

Please note the following requirements for credit and debit cards:

  • Multi-platform accepts credit and debit cards only (for example, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network). We do not accept payments by prepaid cards.
  • These account funding options are typically instant, but can take up to 24 hours if there are card processing system delays.
  • Please note that PayPal, bank transfers, SEPA direct debits, and check payments are not yet available for Multi-platform.
  • Multi-platform doesn't accept cards that require you to enter a PIN/security verification when making a payment.
  • Enter your name precisely as it appears on the card. Only include your middle initial if it appears on your card.
  • If your address exceeds the Address 1 field, then use the Address 2 field. Do not shorten or abbreviate your address.
  • The card number and type cannot be edited, so if you make a mistake, you'll need to add a new one with the correct information.

Contact your credit card company in the following situations:

  • To make sure you're authorized to use this card for online purchases and automatic billing.
  • The credit card has expired, has been reported lost or stolen, has reached its transaction limit, or is new and hasn't been activated.
  • Required multi-factor authentication failed. Your bank might require multi-factor authentication to help prevent online fraud and unauthorized access to your account. If the one-time passcode didn't work, try resending the code or adding the card again. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please contact your bank to validate your information. Learn more about Payment Services Directive 2 and Strong Customer Authentication.

Subscription plan billing


Not everyone has this feature yet. If you don't, don't worry—it's coming soon!

Your subscription is set to automatically renew monthly for your convenience and to avoid interruption of service. Your primary payment method will be charged 24 hours before your monthly billing date, and you may receive a payment receipt indicating so. This is to ensure you still have a balance when charged, otherwise, your account may be put on pause. You can cancel your subscription plan anytime you'd like.

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