Multi-platform: Social network engagement

Create and publish your social media posts in one place.

We'll no longer support Smart Campaigns with Multi-platform as of Wednesday, June 19, 2024. If you'd like more information, please contact Support.

After connecting social profiles, you can publish social media posts and interact with your audience in the Social tab. From the Publisher page on the left menu, you can create, schedule, edit, and publish posts.


Please note these limitations for posts on Instagram and LinkedIn. Learn more about image and video requirements

  • Microsoft Advertising does not support videos in Instagram posts.
  • LinkedIn doesn't allow videos in posts.

Create and publish a new post

  1. Select the Social tab and then select Publisher. You'll see the calendar that contains all posts across your social profiles.
  2. From the left menu, select Link new social network or select a social network that is already linked.
  3. From the Calendar tab, select New post.
  4. Choose the social profile, enter the message, and choose the image or video that you want to include in the post. We’ll show a preview of what the post might look like as you add each part.
  5. Select Post to publish your post immediately. Otherwise you can save, schedule, or cancel the post.

To view or edit unpublished posts, select the Scheduled or Drafts tab.

Inbox management

After connecting social profiles, you can interact with your audience in the Social tab. From the Inbox page on the left menu, you can review and comment on:

  • Comments and replies to your posts (Facebook, Instagram Business, LinkedIn)
  • Reviews (Facebook).
  • Wall posts (Facebook)

Your inbox will contain all inbound comments and wall posts across your social profiles in chronological order, for up to 90 days.

By default, all social profiles' posts are shown. You can filter the posts by selecting individual social profiles from the left menu. Just above the posts you can filter by number of days and activity types for example, view comments or reviews from the last 7 days.

New posts will be shown in the To review tab. You can view all posts in the All tab, including posts that you have marked as Complete. Select a post to like, reply to, or delete the post. After you reply to a post it will automatically be designated as Complete. You can also select Complete on posts that you don't want to respond to.

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