What gets imported from Facebook Ads

Most of the information in your campaigns is included when you import it from Facebook Ads. Here's a list of what gets imported, as well as some exceptions.

Please note that the list below is not a comprehensive list of imported items. Microsoft Advertising imports all the data needed to manage your campaigns and aims to provide the best experience for you.

After you've imported your campaigns from Facebook Ads, you can check the status of your import, review error logs, and edit, pause, or delete your import schedule. To learn more, see Edit your scheduled imports and review import history and results.

Not all information will be imported from Facebook Ads, but that doesn't mean it's not supported within Microsoft Advertising. You should also make sure the campaigns were imported as expected, and then make updates as necessary. Some specific situations require special attention during import. Before proceeding to Import campaigns directly from Facebook Ads, make sure to review the details below.



While Facebook Ads import is available globally, we'll only import audience campaigns where they're available. Learn more

Facebook Ads campaigns will be imported to Microsoft Advertising as audience campaigns.

We'll import Active, Paused, Deleted, and Archived Facebook Ads campaigns. If the Facebook Ads campaign status is Archived, we'll pause the imported campaign.

Campaign name

Each Microsoft Advertising campaign can contain up to 128 characters, while Facebook Ads campaign names can be longer.

If the campaign name is longer than 128 characters, we'll truncate the name and follow the following naming pattern. Each Facebook Ads campaign name will be imported as “{Facebook Ads campaign name} + delimiter (hyphen) + FB + {Facebook Ads campaign ID}”.

For example, if the original campaign name is “Subscribe and Save. Buy X, Get Y at 20% discount” and the campaign ID is 2345678910, then Microsoft Advertising would import the campaign name as “Subscribe and Save. Buy X, Get Y - FB2345678910”.

Ad group name

Facebook Ads ad-sets are imported as Microsoft Advertising ad groups.

After import, the Microsoft Advertising ad group name will use the same pattern of delimiters as the imported campaign name. Each Facebook Ads ad-set name will be imported as “{Facebook Ads ad-set name} + delimiter (hyphen) + FB + {Facebook Ads ad-set ID}”.

For example, if the original ad-set name is “Subscribe and Save. Buy X, Get Y at 20% discount” and ad-set ID is 2345678910, then the imported ad-set name would be saved in Microsoft Advertising as “Subscribe and Save. Buy X, Get Y - FB2345678910”.


Single image ads and video ads listed under Video Views objectives will be imported from Facebook Ads to Microsoft Advertising as audience ads.

Ads that won't be imported from Facebook Ads are:

  • Other ad formats like carousel and video ads not listed under the Video Views objectives
  • Ads with logo images
  • Ads without website URLs
  • Facebook Ads ad names


Facebook Ads supports campaign and ad-set (ad group) level budgets, but Microsoft Advertising doesn't support ad group level budgets.

If available, daily budgets will transfer as is at the campaign level.

If your Facebook Ads lifetime budget uses start and stop dates, we'll calculate the daily budget with a proration to the number of days. Campaigns won't be imported if the budget remaining is zero.

Campaigns with shared budgets won't be imported.


Due to calculations Facebook Ads makes in their platform, we recommend that you review budgets for newly imported campaigns and select the Customize budgets for Microsoft Advertising option if necessary.


If the Facebook Ads campaigns have a start time and end time, Microsoft Advertising will import them. If the end time is in the past, the campaigns will be imported as paused. If the start time is in the past, the start date will be set to the import date.

Bids and bid strategy

Facebook Ads supports automatic bidding strategies, such as lowest cost without cap, lowest cost with bid cap, target cost, cost cap, etc.

If the Facebook Ads bid strategy is not supported in Microsoft Advertising, we'll set the imported campaign's bid strategy to manual CPC.

Bid amounts are imported when available. If a bid isn't available, a default bid of $1 will be set.

Location targeting

We'll import locations from Facebook Ads that are also supported in Microsoft Advertising. If none of the imported location targets are supported by Microsoft Advertising, the campaign or ad group will be paused.

Age targeting

Facebook Ads uses min and max age, while Microsoft Advertising has predefined ranges. Import will use the Facebook Ads age range and map to the Microsoft Advertising ranges. For example, if the age range is 18-40 in Facebook Ads, import will set the target age ranges to 18-24, 25-34, 35-49 in Microsoft Advertising.

Gender targeting

Gender will be mapped correspondingly as male and female. If All is selected in Facebook Ads, the import will map to both male and female in Microsoft Advertising.

Other targeting

Facebook Ads language and connections targets will not be imported.

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