Update your standard text ads to Expanded Text Ads

Standard text ads are being deprecated Microsoft Advertising, so learn about upgrading your standard text ads to Expanded Text Ads.

Standard text ads are being deprecated for Microsoft Advertising, so to avoid potential disruption in your campaigns, we encourage you to upgrade your standard text ads to Expanded Text Ads. To make the transition smoother for you, we have automatically created Expanded Text Ad versions of your existing standard text ads!

To review and add the Expanded Text Ads to your account:
  1. From the Campaigns, Ad groups, or Ads pages, click the banner to open the Expanded Text Ads we created automatically based on your existing standard text ads.
  2. Review the suggested Expanded Text Ads.
  3. Select the suggested ads that you want to use and select Add selected ads.

Benefits of Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads enables you to craft longer ad copy and optimize your ad text to better engage with potential customers before they click on your ads. This leads to:

  • Better engagement with your potential customers. Expanded Text Ads have a 5-10% higher click-through rate than standard text ads.
  • Further optimized Expanded Text Ads, with the ability to add additional features like ad customizers, IF functions, and countdowns to events.
What you need to know

We have truncated your original display URL if it exceeded the 15-character limit on Expanded Text Ad display URLs. You can still add a display path 1 and path 2, as long as it’s within the character limit. This change has no impact to the final landing page.

For more information on Expanded Text Ads, check out our Expanded Text Ads FAQ.

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