Minimum bid for Microsoft shopping campaigns

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Your bid is the highest price that you want to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Microsoft Advertising requires these bids to be at least 0.01 for the shopping tab and 0.05 for everywhere else. This allows you to target all your offers that you would otherwise miss out on for your shopping campaigns.

One important thing to keep in mind is that product offers with less than 0.05 bids are eligible to serve in the shopping tab only. Shopping Campaigns and product ads are available in the markets listed here. For product offers to be eligible to serve everywhere else in the search network, the minimum bid amount should be the recommended minimum bid (see below).

Bid values in Microsoft shopping campaigns can be provided at the following levels:

  • Product group
  • Ad group
  • Campaign

Minimum bid and recommended bid values for Microsoft shopping campaigns

Campaign country of sale Currency value Minimum bid Recommended minimum bid
Canada Canadian dollar (CAD) 0.01 0.05
France and Germany Euro (EUR) 0.01 0.05
United Kingdom UK pound (GBP) 0.01 0.05
United States of America US dollar (USD) 0.01 0.05
India Indian rupee (INR) 0.01 0.50
Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, and Sweden Euro (EUR) 0.01 0.05
Australia Australian dollar (AUD) 0.01 0.05

Frequently asked questions

  • If I have product groups that have a bid of less than 0.05, will these be eligible to serve?
    Yes, any targeted products with bids of more than 0.01 will be eligible to serve. However, any products with bids less than 0.05 will be eligible to serve in the shopping tab only.
  • Is this bid change applicable only to shopping campaigns?
    Yes, the 0.01 minimum bid is only applicable to Microsoft shopping campaigns in the shopping tab only.
  • Should I reduce the minimum bid on existing shopping campaigns?
    Minimum bids that are less than 0.05 are eligible to show only in the shopping tab. If you decide to reduce the bid for an existing campaign, it will impact the volume, as the offers will no longer serve everywhere else in the search network.
  • What about the minimum bids from campaigns imported from Google Ads?
    With the minimum bids for shopping campaigns now at 0.01, campaigns imported from Google Ads will be eligible to serve without requiring an increase to the minimum bid. Note that opting into this campaign import setting will change the bids to the recommended minimum bids.

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