About stock images

Learn about using stock images for your ad extensions.

This feature is available to advertisers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and United States.

Quality images help your ads stand out and capture people’s attention. If you don't have the time or resources to produce custom images, that’s when stock images can save the day. We partner with Shutterstock to provide you with quality images that you can use in your ads — for free.

What you need to know

Make sure to comply with the following Shutterstock stock image policies:

  • A Shutterstock image can only be used in its original, unaltered form in ads that are created and served from Microsoft Advertising.
  • Images may not be used for adult content or unlawful content that infringes on any third party’s trademark or intellectual property rights.
  • Images may not portray any person depicted in the image that is offensive, including the person in connection to adult content.
  • Images may not be used as a trademark, service mark, or logo.

Using inclusive images

Choosing imagery is an important part of the process in constructing a meaningful and inclusive customer experience. Inclusive brands don’t just want to reach people, they want to make all people feel seen to the extent they feel that your brand not just represents them but is for them. Read the Marketing with a purpose playbook.

When you search for images of people, you can use the Add filter feature to select inclusive options.

Get started with stock images

When you are creating or editing your image extension or multi-image extension, you will have the option to use a stock image. Instead of uploading an image, choose the Stock image tab, and then search for an image you like. Be sure you to follow the Microsoft AdvertisingImage, audio, and video policies when you use stock images from Shutterstock.

Need help with image extensions? Head over to the image extensions page for more info.

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