About Microsoft Merchant Center feed files

A feed file contains a list of the products that uses groupings of attributes to define each product. The information from the feed file is inserted into your ads, defining how the ads will display on the Microsoft Search Network. Take a look at the topics below to get detailed information about feed files.

How is the feed file organized?
Your feed file is a text-delimited file containing different product items on each line. After you create the feed file, you upload it to . Here’s where you can find specific details about required and optional attributes.

Unique identifiers for your product ads
Gtin, brand, and mpn are unique product identifiers used to define products in a global marketplace. Using unique identifiers makes it easier for customers to find your products.

Schedule downloading of feed files in Microsoft Merchant Center
One of the ways to upload your feed files is to automatically download it from a URL, where it’s then downloaded once every 24 hours. You can set a schedule to download the feed file when you need it.

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