Managing your advertising during the COVID-19 crisis

Recommendations from Microsoft Advertising on how you can manage and adapt your campaigns during these uncertain times.

Businesses are facing a historic challenge due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). Microsoft Advertising is here to help you during these uncertain times.

Here are our recommendations on how to adapt during the COVID-19 crisis.

Managing your ads

  • Mean what you say. Say what you mean: Because words can have double meanings, be mindful with your word usage in headlines, ad copy, and keywords. Your audience may react negatively to words like cluster, hotspot, or lockdown.
  • Worth a thousand words: Make sure the images in your ads and landing pages are appropriate for these times. For example, you may want to reconsider images that have large groups, people in close contact, or people touching their faces.
  • Show how you've responded: Let customers know of your revised store hours, or special hours you've set aside for the elderly. Highlight options for contactless delivery. Be up-front about delivery times and back-orders.
  • Spend wisely: Stay on top of your inventory and pause ad groups for out-of-stock items. If you're not doing so already, get into the habit of checking reports for performance. Microsoft Advertising will continue to provide AI-driven recommendations to help you make the most of your campaigns.

Other advertising considerations

  • Be flexible: Consumers are reacting swiftly to news headlines and local developments. During this rapidly evolving situation, it is difficult to anticipate demand. Do your best to monitor the marketplace, assess your campaign performance, and shift accordingly to meet demand. You'll have to examine your bidding and keyword strategies to make sure customers can find you.
  • Context is everything: As you measure your ROI through cost per click, cost per acquisition, and conversions, you should also factor for time: Customers may be taking longer to decide due to uncertainty.
  • Obey local laws: Many governments are cracking down on reports of hoarding and price gouging of essential goods. Microsoft Advertising is doing its part by blocking the delivery of ads related directly to COVID-19 under the Microsoft Advertising Sensitive advertising policy. This precaution also applies to some COVID-19 related medical supplies. We will only allow Public Service Announcements from trusted sources, such as official government agencies, to promote COVID-19 content.


COVID-19 is forcing a slowdown or a complete stop to mail services in various parts of the world. If you rely on postal mail to do business with Microsoft Advertising, we encourage you to take advantage of online alternatives.

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