Transferring accounts to a new owner

In Microsoft Advertising, most advertisers will only have one manager account containing one or two accounts under it that serve ads. But, larger companies and ad agencies can own several manager accounts, each with multiple ad-serving accounts. If an individual account needs to be moved from one manager account to another, it can be transferred with no data loss and no down time.

Is the feature right for you?

Account transfers are geared toward ad agencies and large businesses. Common use cases for this feature include:

  • Company re-org or acquisition. A client wants to leave their agency and move their account elsewhere.
  • Hierarchy adoption. An ad agency is taking over account management or wants to move accounts around.
  • Fixing sub-optimal or legacy setups that clutter a client view within a hierarchy.
  • To request an account transfer, please contact your account manager or contact support.
  • Accounts that have set up Hotel ads, shopping campaigns, or search campaigns with shopping settings enabled can't be transferred.
What to expect

Once your request is submitted and approved, a simple account transfer may be processed within 20 minutes. However, some transfers will take up to 24 hours, particularly if you’re moving accounts that contain a high volume of data (such as campaigns, ads, and keywords).

To expedite the process, you should have the following items on-hand before you request an account transfer:
  • The account number of each account that you want to transfer and its manager account number.
  • The manager account number that will receive the transferred account.
  • Whether you want to keep or remove linked accounts and direct managers as part of the transfer.
  • Who will pay for advertising charges and the associated payment method. For monthly invoice accounts, the insertion order setup is optional, but ads will not run without a payment method. You can request pre-approval of a new insertion order before you transfer the account.
  • Audiences, conversion goals, and universal even tracking (UET) tags can be included in the account transfer. If any accounts that are not being transferred depend on the same audiences, conversion goals, or universal even tracking (UET) tags, then you need to decide whether to include them in the account transfer or create new ones afterwards.

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