Promotion extensions: Highlight special offers for different occasions

Promotion extensions highlight special offers for different occasions.

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Use promotion extensions to highlight deals for holidays and other special occasions. Let's say you want to highlight a Summer Sale — using promotion extensions, you can include a promotion code, along with the offer and expiration date.

Promotion extensions

Benefits of promotion extensions

  • Increase traffic volume with special offers highlighted in your ads, which can help grow ad engagement and boost your potential click-through rate.
  • Better informed shoppers, thanks to highlighted promotions providing more information.
  • Increased market share with special offers that encourage customers to click on your ad instead of your competitors' ads.

Occasions available for promotion extensions

You can select from a preset list of occasions, which are holidays or events for which you can offer special offers or promotions.

Occasion Start date End date
New Year's December 1 February 28
Boxing Day December 15 January 15
Epiphany December 15 January 31
Chinese New Year January 15 March 1
Valentine's Day January 15 February 28
Carnival February 1 March 31
Holi February 1 March 31
Women's Day February 15 March 31
Passover February 15 May 1
Easter March 1 April 30
Parent's Day April 15 August 1
Labor Day April 15 September 15
Rosh Hashanah August 15 November 1
Diwali September 1 December 1
Navratri September 15 October 31
Halloween October 1 November 15
Singles Day October 15 November 30
Black Friday October 15 December 15
Cyber Monday October 15 December 15
Christmas November 1 January 15
St. Nicholas Day November 1 December 31
Hanukkah November 15 January 31
Back to school Any Any
Mother's Day Any Any
Father's Day Any Any
Independence Day Any Any
National Day Any Any
End of Season Any Any
Winter Sale Any Any
Summer Sale Any Any
Fall Sale Any Any
Spring Sale Any Any
Ramadan Any Any
Eid al-Fitr Any Any
Eid Al Adha Any Any

Dates for promotion extensions

There are three different date ranges to keep in mind for promotion extension to deliver. For an example, you want to run a promotion for the new year. You select New Year's from the Occasions dropdown list, which means the promotion will be available during the predefined date range from December 1 through February 28. But you don't want your actual promotion to run the entire length of the predefined date range, just until the beginning of February. You can enter the optional Displayed start date and Displayed end date to set the exact days of the promotion or you can use the ad extension scheduling from Advanced settings. Keep in mind, that if you set your ad extension schedule past the predefined date range of the occasion, it will stop showing at the end of the predefined date range.

  • Predefined date range. Each occasion has a predefined date range that determines when the promotion can be shown.
  • Display start and end dates (optional). Once you select an occasion, you can set the display start and end dates for when the actual promotion runs.
  • Extension schedule. The start and end dates of when you want the extension to show.

All extension details must adhere to our promotion extension policies.

Ability to set up in: All Bing markets

Serves in: All Bing Markets

Get to know promotion extensions

  • Without setting the promotion's optional displayed end date, a promotion is eligible to serve until the end of its predefined range. For some occasions, the predefined range is year-round.
  • The promotion will not serve past the set displayed end date.
  • Promotions can still serve before the displayed start date. For example, you can provide customers a promotion code for an upcoming sale.
  • You can add one minimum purchase amount and/or one promotion code.
  • The promotion landing page must include details of the promotion.

Get started with promotion extensions

Head over to the About ad extensions page for instructions to:

  • Add, edit, and delete ad extensions
  • Associate ad extensions to campaigns and ad groups

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