Monitor all accounts from the Manager Account Overview

The Manager Account Overview allows you to quickly view how your accounts are doing.

The new Manager Account Overview provides data visualizations that show you how all of your accounts are doing at once, as well as which tasks will improve performance. The customizable tiles in the dashboard make it easy to understand how accounts are performing against return on investment (ROI) goals, and feature deep data insights for guidance and analysis. Note: You can click on a specific account to see an overview of information relevant to that account only.

Add tiles expando image
  1. On your Manager Account Overview, click Add or remove tiles.
  2. Select the tiles you wish to display and click Save.
Remove tiles expando image
  1. On the Manager Account Overview, click Add or remove tiles.
  2. Uncheck the tiles you wish to remove and click Save.
Make tiles bigger or smallerexpando image
  1. Click the top right-hand corner of the tile you wish to change.
  2. Select either, Tile size: small or Tile size: large.

Manager Account Overview tiles

The Manager Account Overview tiles provide you with dynamic and visually rich insights into your accounts’ performance. You can easily click and drag the tiles and interact with and review key components of your Microsoft Advertising accounts. Periodically, more tiles will be added so you can view and manage additional aspects of account data.

Performanceexpando image
The Performance tile shows the trend lines of how your accounts are doing over the selected date range. View your accounts’ spend, clicks, conversions and impressions, and more, across time. These data points allow you to quickly recognize patterns and trends. You can also hover over the graph to see the details behind each data point.
Accountsexpando image
The Accounts tile shows a partial list of your accounts' spend, clicks, impressions, and more. Click View all accounts to see an expanded accounts list.
Top changesexpando image
The Top Changes tile identifies the accounts showing the biggest increases and decreases to a variety of performance metrics.
Devicesexpando image
The Devices tile shows how your accounts are doing by displaying an overview of your devices' key metrics (clicks, impressions, spend) all in the same place. This tile provides a quick and easy way to gain insight into which devices are most effective across the accounts.

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