Welcome to the redesigned Microsoft Advertising

Learn more about the changes we've made to the Microsoft Advertising interface that make it easier for you to use.

We've modernized the look, feel, and functionality of Microsoft Advertising. Our key goal is to help you more easily and intuitively manage ads on one of the world's leading advertising platforms.

What's new with the Microsoft Advertising interface?

Well, everything. Every page has been redesigned.

You'll see changes both big and small aimed to help you be more efficient. The typeface and brand colors are refreshed—goodbye, teal! The navigation and layouts are optimized to help you get around more easily. We've also studded the interface with enhancements to assist you with your day-to-day work.

New color schemes and less clutter
What's new

Font, color, data visuals, and roomier page layouts – all influenced by the Fluent design language used across Microsoft products.

The benefits

We redesigned the interface both for looks and for function. Though Fluent is the principal design for Microsoft products, we also took inspiration from other platforms to make sure that Microsoft Advertising remains familiar to our existing customers.

  • We've added more spacing around tables, graphs, and forms to help reduce your eye fatigue and information overload as you browse through data-rich pages.
  • The color palette is not only pleasing to look at, but it's also accessible. Colors are selectively used to draw your attention to things that matter, such as alerts and errors.
What's new

A global menu bar that places search front-and-center at the top of every page. A main menu on the far left that allows quick-and-easy access to campaigns. Page menus that display options that are specific to the page you're viewing. And keyboard shortcuts!

The benefits

You'll have a harder time getting lost because we give you context clues from the account picker and page breadcrumbs. You can also get around using keyboard shortcuts (to see the menu, simply tap the "?" on your keyboard). Finally, if you need help finding something, then you can look for it directly from the search bar in the global menu.

Enhanced tables
What's new

You can resize table columns. We’ve trimmed some spacing to help reduce horizontal scrolling. And, we've given you more filtering options.

The benefits

You live and breathe on data, so we listened to the overwhelming feedback to make tables easier to use. That's why we introduced the ability to resize columns and why we reduced the extra space from table cells, which some people saw in the preview versions of the refreshed interface. These changes help reduce horizontal scroll, making Microsoft Advertising a bit more friendly to use on smaller screens. Plus, you can more easily find data with both global filters and table filters.

What's new

Ability to create account hierarchies. Greater visibility and control into parent and child accounts, and the assets you can share.

The benefits

  • Geared towards corporations, hierarchies allow you to an arrange Microsoft Advertising to match the scale and complexity of your company by using accounts and manager accounts.
  • You can share payment methods, user access, Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags, and remarketing lists across your network of accounts.
What's new

Report history, Saved campaign reports, and Saved account reports are no more. From Reports, you can create and save customized reports on any level of Microsoft Advertising.

The benefits

Review or re-run reports you previously customized and saved, all in one spot.

Managing accounts. Managing billing.
What's new

Accounts & Billing is no more. You can manage your account setup via Accounts, and pay for ad spend in Billing & payments.

The benefits

This division allows you to focus on billing related tasks in one contained area. The separate Accounts section has added functionality to make managing multiple accounts easier. In the Accounts page, you can access Overview and Accounts summary, where you can dive into performance and settings per account.

What's new

The Tools menu now shares its space with Shared library, Bulk actions, Conversion tracking, and Setup (for things like Billing & payments and Account access).

The benefits

These sections are useful, but not everyone needs to use them daily. They're tucked away in a convenient spot so that you can focus on managing campaigns, performance, and spend.

What else is in store?

In phases, we will refresh other products in the Microsoft Advertising family. We will also be listening to your feedback as we unveil changes.

We hope that you enjoy using the redesigned Microsoft Advertising. We take your feedback seriously, so please let us know what you think about the all-new Microsoft Advertising interface.

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