About performance insights

Performance insights are AI-powered alerts that make analyzing performance data easier.

Performance insights are alerts powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that make analyzing performance data easier. Performance insights draw attention to significant fluctuations in your accounts and campaigns, identify the possible causes, and suggest actions to optimize them.

You can access performance insights in the accounts overview, campaigns overview, account summary grid, campaigns grid, and in the inline charts for campaigns and ad groups.

How performance insights work

When a significant change in your account performance is detected, we automatically set out to figure out what happened and why. When we figure it out, we'll add a light bulb icon lightbulb icon under the performance trend graph.

Each Performance Insight contains three sections:

  • Summary: Which account or campaign exhibited the fluctuation and by how much.
  • What happened?: Reasons why the fluctuation may have occurred.
  • What can I do?: Specific actions to take, if any, to further optimize performance.

You can provide feedback on the quality of the insights, or you can just dismiss it all together. If you dismiss an insight, we'll remove it from your view. However, other users on the account will continue to see the same insight unless they dismiss it.


Performance insights are only available when Microsoft Advertising can determine what caused your performance to fluctuate.

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