Use recommendations to enhance your campaigns

Recommendations are AI-driven suggestions with one goal in mind: To help improve your campaign performance.

Recommendations are AI-driven suggestions with one goal in mind: To help improve your campaign performance. Recommendations help you get the most out of your budget by improving bids, keywords, and ads, which can increase the overall efficiency of your campaigns. They also propose features you may not be taking advantage of and help you optimize existing ones.

How recommendations work

Microsoft Advertising creates customized recommendations for you by using your account's historical performance, your campaign settings, and trends. Be sure to check the Recommendations tab often, because while sometimes you might not have any, we frequently find recommendations for you to apply.

View, apply, or dismiss a recommendation

Recommendations that you apply become part of your ad rotation and should start to appear in searches within 48 hours. Those you dismiss are removed and may reappear in the future if the recommendation becomes available again.

  1. From the collapsible menu on the left, select Recommendations.

    If you're using the new Microsoft Advertising navigation, from the navigation menu on the left, hover over Campaigns and select Recommendations.

  2. In each recommendation tile, you have options to:

    • Apply all to immediately add all recommendations to your account.
    • View recommendations to review the details of each recommendation. Here, you can Dismiss the ones you don’t want, or Apply the ones you do want by selecting one or more checkboxes > select Apply.
    • Download a list of recommendations by selecting the ellipsis icon More information icon. From here, you can also Dismiss the recommendations or Provide feedback to help us better support you.

Types of recommendations

Ads & extensions

Boost performance with suggested ads and extensions. Learn more about ad recommendations.

Bidding & budgets

Optimize your budgets and create your conversion goals.

  • Create conversion goals. Specify which actions to count as conversions, as recorded by UET. Learn more about conversion goals.
  • Increase keyword bids. Get more impressions in your Enhanced CPC campaign by increasing bids. Learn more about advanced bidding.
  • Adjust your shared budget. Adjust how your budget is spent across its campaigns to help improve your ROI. Learn more about advanced bidding.
  • Move your unused budgets. Get more traffic by moving unused budget to the campaigns that need it most. Learn more about budget types.
  • Complete conversion tracking set up. View the ads that convert customers and access features such as automated bidding. Learn more about UET tags.
  • Improve campaigns that are limited by budget. Keep your ads running on the days your campaign has momentum by adjusting your budget.
Keywords & targeting

Reach more people who are interested in what you have to offer.

  • Add broad match versions of your keywords. Show your ads more often with broad match versions of your existing high-quality exact or phrase match keywords.
  • Add new keywords. Show your ads on more searches relevant to your business.
  • Add trending search queries as keywords. Show your ads on trending searches relevant to your business.
  • Create dynamic search ads. Automatically target relevant search queries based on the content of your website.
  • Import and re-import from Google Ads. Keep your accounts up to date while continuing to expand your online advertising reach.
  • Remove negative keyword conflicts. If your ads aren’t showing due to negative keyword conflicts, resolve them to get your ads running.
  • Import campaigns from Facebook Ads. Expand your online advertising reach by importing your campaigns from Facebook Ads to the Microsoft Audience Network. Learn more about importing campaigns from Facebook Ads.

The overall health and performance of your account can be improved by repairing the following issues:

Auto-apply recommendations

If you’d like specific recommendations from Microsoft Advertising to be automatically added to your account, you can opt in to auto-apply recommendations. When you opt in to auto-apply, we’ll notify you when the recommendations become available so you can review, apply, or dismiss them. After the review period, recommendations will be automatically applied to your account.

Learn more about auto-apply recommendations.

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