About the Competition tab

The Competition tab is your one-stop shop to gather valuable information about your competition in.

What are your competitors up to and how do they compare to you? The Competition tab is your one-stop shop to gather valuable information about your competition in Microsoft Advertising. Along with insights, we'll recommend actions you can take to get ahead of the pack.

Auction Insights

Auction Insights give you a broad view into your competitors’ performance metrics and how they compare to your own. Reviewing them can give you a better understanding of your competitive landscape. Auction Insights are divided into two sections.

Over time: View key competitive metrics and how they perform across devices and over the course of days, weeks, months, quarters, and years.

Summary: See aggregated metrics for a specific date range. You can segment these metrics by hour of the day, day of the week, and device type.

Deeper insights and actions

Using machine learning, Microsoft Advertising finds where you can make adjustments to your campaigns to stay ahead of the competition.

The recommendation: AI-powered suggestions for a specific campaign, ad group, keyword, location, or device type.

What's happening: How campaigns, ad groups, keywords, locations, and device types stack up against your competition right now.

What you can do: Specific actions to take based on the findings.

Changes you could see: The estimated benefits you might see after applying recommendations.

How do I view and apply a recommendation?expando image
  1. From the collapsible menu on the left, select All campaigns > Competition > Auction insights.

    If you're using the new Microsoft Advertising navigation, from the navigation menu on the left, hover over Campaigns and select Competition > Auction insights.

  2. Select View recommendations at the bottom of the recommendation tile.
  3. Select Apply.
  4. To apply all recommendations of a specific type, select Apply all at the bottom of the recommendation tile.

Available recommendations:

Add similar keywordsexpando image
Adding similar keywords that participated alongside your keywords at auction could increase your ads visibility.
Bid more competitively on keywordsexpando image
Adjusting your bids on keywords could show your ads more often than your competitors.
Expand your reachexpando image
Reach more customers by broadening your ad distribution.
Fix campaigns that are limited by budgetexpando image
Keep your ads running on your busiest days by fixing your limited budget.
Optimize your device targetsexpando image
Be more competitive by adjusting your bids to target customers on computers, tablets, or smartphones.
Optimize your location targetsexpando image
Adjusting your bids on locations your competition is targeting could help increase your impression share.
Target new locationsexpando image
Add new locations and target customers with similar businesses like yours.

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