Apply for monthly invoice billing

If your business meets certain requirements, you may be able to accrue advertising charges through monthly invoice billing.

Monthly invoice billing is a payment option where Microsoft Advertising extends you a credit line to accrue advertising charges. You then receive a monthly invoice and pay based on the terms and conditions of your contract. Your business must meet certain requirements to qualify for monthly invoicing.

Minimum requirements

Since monthly invoicing is tied to a credit line that allows your business to accrue charges, you'll need to undergo a credit check. In addition, Microsoft Advertising will assess whether your business meets these minimum requirements:

  • Be a registered business for at least 1 year
  • Have an active Microsoft Advertising account in good standing for at least 1 year
  • Spend at least $5,000 USD (or local equivalent, which varies by country/region) for any 3 of the last 12 months

The financial standing of businesses are thoroughly reviewed and applicants may be asked for more information on a case-by-case basis. If you meet the minimum requirements and you are a Super Admin user, you can apply for monthly invoicing through Microsoft Advertising.

How to apply for monthly invoicing

  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Billing & Payments.
  2. If you have multiple accounts, choose one from the account selector in the top menu.
  3. Select Payment Methods from the main menu.
  4. Select Apply for monthly invoicing.
  5. Select the option that's best for you:
    • I'm applying for credit if you're applying for monthly invoice billing for the first time.
    • I want to use an existing credit line for this manager account if you want to use an existing SAP ID for another account.
  6. Complete the form and submit your application.

Approval process

If your business is approved, Microsoft Advertising will notify you and your account will be switched to monthly invoice billing. You'll also have to comply with the payment terms. The payment terms dictate how much time you have to pay after you've received an invoice (usually 30 days).

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