Using keyboard shortcuts

Complete simple tasks and navigate Microsoft Advertising with keyboard shortcuts

With the tap of a key or two, you can complete simple tasks, filter tables, and go to different parts of Microsoft Advertising with keyboard shortcuts.

Keep in mind

  • Keyboard shortcuts are only available at the account level, not at the manager account level.
  • For shortcuts that use two keys, you will need to hold down the first key while pressing the second key. For example, to show or hide the main menu, you would press and hold Shift, press H, and then release both keys.

The following tables contain available shortcuts by category: simple tasks, filtering table data, and navigating Microsoft Advertising.

Simple tasks

Keyboard shortcut What it does
? Show or hide the shortcuts list
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + C Paste
Shift + N Create a new item
Shift + W Show or hide the main menu
Shift + H Show or hide the help menu

Filtering table data

Keyboard shortcut What it does
Shift + A See all campaigns
Shift + S See Search campaigns
Shift + E See Dynamic search ads
Shift + P See Shopping campaigns
Shift + D See Audience campaigns
Shift + T See Smart campaigns

Navigating Microsoft Advertising

Keyboard shortcut What it does
G + O Go to Overview
G + Y Go to All recommendations
G + C Go to Campaigns
G + J Go to Ad groups
G + A Go to Ads
G + X Go to Extensions
G + K Go to Keywords
G + S Go to Settings

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