Smart campaigns: Define special pages of your website

Tell us which pages are most important to your business, and we can give you specific data on customer actions on those pages.

Not everyone has this feature yet. If you don't, don't worry—it's coming soon!

Some pages on your website are more important than others, depending on your business goal. You can define these as Special pages when you set up customer action tracking. Microsoft Advertising can then give you more detailed information on how customers interact with these pages. This is the insight you need to ensure you're getting the return on investment (ROI) you want from your ad campaign.

What are my special pages?

Well, what's your business goal?

  • If you're trying to sell products, then your special pages might be pages like product descriptions and order confirmations.
  • If you're trying to generate leads, then your special pages might be sign-up pages.
  • If you're trying to raise brand awareness, then your special pages might be blog posts about your brand.

Do you have multiple business goals for the same website? For example, maybe you want to sell products, but also drive service-plan adoption. We strongly recommend creating a separate ad campaign for each goal. That way, each goal can have separate ads, performance metrics, and budget.

Special page types

We provide some suggested page types to help you classify your special pages. Depending on your business goals, only some of our suggestions will be applicable to your website. Our suggested page types are:

Suggested page type Example page content Business goals
About Discussion of your brand and its history, philosophy, etc. Brand awareness, engagement, maintaining loyalty, subscription
Contact us Phone number, street address/map, email addresses Phone orders, visits to your physical location, service commitment, lead generation
Initiate checkout Shopping cart Product purchase, engagement
Lead created Confirmation after customer entered an email address Lead generation, engagement, product purchase, service commitment, subscription
Order confirmation Thank you, details about shipping Product purchase, engagement
Product Product page with "Add to cart" button Product purchase, engagement
Register Confirmation after customer has signed up for alerts Lead generation, engagement, product purchase, service commitment, subscription
Schedule appointment Confirmation of appointment timing Service commitment, lead generation, engagement
Start trial Confirmation of duration and details of trial Product purchase, subscription, engagement, lead generation
Subscribe Confirmation of subscription details Subscription, engagement
Other Specialty content Any

URLs for special pages

When you add a special page, the qualifier (Contains, Equals, or Begins with) gives you flexibility in how you define its URL.

Qualifier Example Why you might use it
Contains Contoso5000 You want every page about a specific brand to be counted as this special page.
thankyou You want every product confirmation page to be counted as this special page.
Equals You only want one, specific page to be counted as this special page.
Begins with You want all pages in a subdomain to be counted as this special page.

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