All about smart campaigns

Smart campaigns are great for people who are new to search engine marketing. With smart campaigns, Microsoft Advertising will create ads and run your ad campaign for you!

Not everyone has this feature yet. If you don't, don't worry—it's coming soon!

Smart campaigns in Microsoft Advertising are a simple and easy way for small businesses to advertise on the Microsoft Search Network. We'll use Microsoft AI to create ads and manage your advertising campaign for you. Learn more about advertising on the Microsoft Search Network.

Here's all you have to do:

Create a smart campaign

After you have set up your payment method (or, subsequently, from the All campaigns page), select Create new smart campaign and follow the step-by-step instructions. The steps are:

Tell us about your business expando image
What's your campaign goal?
Setting your goal at the very start gives us the context to craft effective ads for you and makes sure we're optimizing your campaign settings for success.
What's your business's name and website?
Note: After you've created your first ad campaign, at this step, you'll have the option to select the business you previously set up.
Where do you want to advertise? and What is your product or service?

As you define locations and add keyword themes, pay attention to the Estimated number of potential customers window on the right. This shows you how many people we estimate will search for these keyword themes within these locations on the Microsoft Search Network each month. Learn more about how locations, products, and services affect who sees your ads.

Create ads expando image
What should your ad say?

Based on the business information you've provided, our AI will write an ad for you, consisting of four pieces of text: two parts of an ad title, a description, and a website URL.

Feel free to make changes to the text we have provided however you see fit. Learn more about crafting effective ads.

What is your business phone number?
If the goal you selected at the start was Get more phone calls to my business, customers will be able to select your phone number to call your business right from your ad.
Set your budget expando image

Your budget tells us the limit you want to spend per day on your ad campaign. When you reach your budget, Microsoft Advertising will stop displaying your ads until the next day. This makes sure you spend only as much as you're comfortable spending. Learn more about budgets and what you pay for.


After you create a campaign, Microsoft Advertising will perform a quick review of your ad content against our policies (most reviews take less than a day). After that, your ads will start running. Learn more about Microsoft Advertising policies.

Keep an eye on your campaign

On the All Campaigns page, you'll see a tile for each smart campaign you've created. Each tile shows:

  • The campaign's name
  • The campaign's status (Enabled or Paused)
  • A preview of one of the ads in this campaign

To review the performance of a campaign, or to make changes to it, click either Campaign details in its tile or the campaign's name in the left pane of the page. Learn more about monitoring campaign performance.

Consider Expert Mode

After you're experienced working with smart campaigns and you've learned more about online advertising, you could consider switching to Expert Mode. Expert Mode is the full-feature Microsoft Advertising experience. It gives you more control over campaign management, lets you add more content to your ads, and provides much more in the way of performance reporting and tracking. Learn more about Expert Mode.

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