Research audience segments with the Audience Network Planner

Use Audience Network Planner to see how many people you can reach on the Microsoft Audience Network.

When you advertise on the Microsoft Audience Network, you get to choose exactly which groups of people will see your ads. We refer to these groups of people as audience segments. With the Audience Network Planner, you can research the size and makeup of individual audience segments—and combinations of audience segments—before you create an audience campaign.

Using the Audience Network Planner

To access the Audience Network Planner in Microsoft Advertising, click Tools > Audience Network Planner. Once in the tool:

Pick your audience segments expando image
In the left pane, select one or more audience segments. You can target—or exclude—the following:
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Audience: For example, remarketing lists, in-market audiences, or dynamic remarketing lists. Take a look at your options for audiences.
  • Company: What companies people work for, according to their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Industry: What fields people work in, according to their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Job function: What types of jobs people have, according to their LinkedIn profiles.
See the size of your audience expando image
In the center of the tool, you'll see:
  • Estimated overall figures: The estimated monthly audience (number of people, per month, in the audience you defined) and estimated monthly impressions (number of times people will see your ad per month).
  • The makeup of the audience you defined, broken down by Demographics (age and gender), Location, Interest (in-market audience), and Device.

  • These figures update as you add, remove, or exclude audience segments in the left pane. This allows you see right away how adding, removing, or excluding segments affects the size and makeup of your audience.
  • These are estimated figures and do not guarantee future results.
Check your estimated performance expando image

In the Estimated performance pane on the right, you'll see estimates for Audience size, Impressions, Clicks, CTR (click-through rate), Avg. CPC (cost per click), and Spend. These figures represent the performance you could get, based on the audience you defined and our suggested bid.

You can experiment with different budgets and bids in the top part of the Estimated performance pane to see how they affect your estimated performance.

  1. Enter a value in the Daily budget box (optional).
  2. Click Custom under Bid to set a bid value.
  3. Click Get estimates and see how the performance figures go up or down.

To help you select a budget and bid, we’ll show a Suggested daily budget and Suggested bid based on your account information and audience targeting. (A warning icon will appear if you enter a budget or bid that is lower than the suggestion.)


These are estimated figures and do not guarantee future results.

Make it happen! expando image
If you like the look of the audience you defined, turn it into an actual campaign.
  1. Click Apply to my account.
  2. Choose whether you want to Create a new audience campaign with these targeting settings or Create a new ad group in an existing audience campaign.
    • If it's a new campaign, enter a Campaign name and set its Daily budget.
    • If it's an ad group in an existing campaign, Select a campaign and confirm its Daily budget.
  3. Enter an Ad group name.
  4. Enter a Bid value.
  5. Click Save and continue.
Build a persona for your audience expando image

In the left pane, you can create, edit, and save your audience targeting settings as a Persona to help you optimize your next campaign.

  1. Preview your audience targeting settings and corresponding information for each persona.
  2. Click View details to open the persona in the Audience Network Planner and edit your settings.
  3. Save as a new persona or Replace existing persona after updating your audience targeting.


These are estimated figures and do not guarantee future results.

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