Best practices for audience ad images

Learn some tips and requirements for audience ad imagery.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering images for your audience ads:

Choose the right imagery

  • Make sure you're uploading high-quality images to make your ad stand out.
  • Pick lifestyle images (photos of people living life to the fullest) that your target audience can relate to. Don't just use a graphic of your logo or a picture of your product—the more widely applicable the image is, the better.
  • Choose images that align with your brand.
  • Images with text overlays are not allowed.

Upload multiple images

  • The more images and the more ad variations, the better!
  • Rotate your images regularly. Experiment with your images and ad copy to keep your ads fresh and see what performs best.

Image specifications


If you advertise on the Google Display Network, Facebook Audience Network, Yahoo Gemini, or with Pinterest Ads, you can use the same creative assets for your Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

  • Accepted file types for images: .jpeg, .png
  • Images with text overlays are not allowed.
  • High-resolution images only—they should not pixelate or degrade across screens.
  • There are no maximum dimensions or file size for images for responsive ads.
  • Images must be relevant to the ad and landing page. We recommend that you include the same imagery on the ad's landing page to ensure relevance.
  • Before submitting images, ensure images and text look as expected in all ad preview formats.
  • Note that your images may be cropped or used with headline overlays in their ultimate ad placement.
  • Images must conform to Microsoft Advertising policies.

Image dimensions


You're required to upload an image that meets the minimum dimensions of 703 x 368 pixels for the 1.91 : 1 aspect ratio. Then, we'll automatically crop your image so that it can serve in ad placements that use 1.78 : 1, 1.5 : 1, 1.33 : 1, and 1 : 1 aspect ratios.

Aspect ratio Required or optional? Recommended dimensions (pixels) Minimum dimensions (pixels)
1.91 : 1 Required 1200 x 628 or higher 703 x 368
1.78 : 1 Optional 1200 x 674 or higher 624 x 350
1.5 : 1 Optional 1200 x 800 or higher 300 x 200
1.33 : 1 Optional 1200 x 902 or higher 100 x 75

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