Set up UET tags using

If you built your website on, read this article to learn how to set up UET tags on it.
  • This article shows how to do a basic setup of UET tags using Please refer to's Support page for more information.
  • Microsoft Advertising is not responsible for's processes or documentation, nor for changes made to's processes or documentation.
  • and are different platforms. This article is about

If you created and manage your website with, you can add and manage your UET tag there.

Implementing UET using

  1. In Microsoft Advertising, go to Conversion Tracking > UET tags and copy your JavaScript UET tag tracking code.
  2. Log in to your dashboard and select your website from My Blogs.
  3. There are several ways to add a UET tag to your website. Here are two approaches (note that you need to have a Business plan to do these):
    1. Use a plugin: From your dashboard, click Plugins and search for a plugin that allows you to insert JavaScript code into your site's headers or footers.
    2. Edit the theme file: Select Appearance > Editor to edit the theme file and add the UET tracking code to the header of your site.

To validate that your UET tag is working, download and install UET Tag Helper. Go to your website and verify that a UET event is received and that the Tag ID matches the tag you selected in Step 1.

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