Navigating Microsoft Hotel Center

Learn how to navigate Microsoft Hotel Center.

Hotel price ads is currently available in beta testing. Please contact your account manager for details on how you might be able to join. If you don't have an account manager, please fill out the enrollment form.

Once you have been enabled for Hotel price ads, you can access Microsoft Hotel Center by selecting Tools > Hotel center. After you launch Microsoft Hotel Center, you'll see three tabs that contain a set of core functionalities to assist with managing, scaling, and improving the performance of your Hotel price ads on Bing: Overview, Assignment, and Intelligence.

The Overview tab

View hotel performance data and inline capabilities to set bids, budgets, and bid multiplier settings of your subaccounts.

The table in the Overview tab will display your subaccount's hotel, hotel group, subaccount, date, device type, hotel country, length of stay, user country, and slot type data. You can view both active and inactive hotel performance and download your subaccount's data directly from the table.

The Assignment tab

Create new, rename, or delete hotel groups; assign ungrouped hotels to a group; or move hotels from one hotel group to another in the Assignment tab.

The Intelligence tab

Access tools and reports to improve the quality of your feeds and feed coverage from the Intelligence tab.

  • Feeds allows you to upload your hotel list in either CSV or XML format.
  • Reports helps you understand the data issues that may be preventing you from advertising on hotels.
  • Ad Extensions guides you through creating ad extensions for your subaccounts and hotel groups.

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