Changing your account time zone


As of March 2022, time zones are no longer editable at the campaign level and will instead directly align with your account level. Please note that on the day this one-time adjustment takes place, reporting data may show slightly higher or lower amounts of spend; however, the amount invoiced on your billing documents will not be affected.

Your account time zone is the default time zone for your campaigns. It also influences several data points within your account and your campaign performance.

Your account time zone serves as the default time zone for your campaigns. If you change your account time zone, the time zone for all campaigns will automatically switch to your new time zone.

Keep in mind that there are several, wide-ranging impacts when you change your time zone.

What's impacted?

  • Start/end dates: Pending ad group start or end dates will switch to the new time zone. Also, an ad group that has expired in the last 24 hours may be revived if you move the time zone forward.
  • Performance data: Your charts, reports, and tables may reflect performance in the new time zone and the old time zone. You’ll need to keep this in mind when using date filters to review performance data in the Campaigns tab, the Reports tab, the Change History tab, and the Dimensions tab.

    For example: You changed your account time zone on August 1, 2017. The performance data prior to August 2017 will reference the old time zone. All performance data from August 1, 2017, and onwards will reference the new time zone. That distinction may be important if you want to analyze hour-by-hour performance.

    Immediately after you update your account time zone, you may see some hours with no data and some hours with double the amount of usual data. Please allow 1-2 days for reporting to settle in the new time zone.

  • Budget and performance: You'll gain or lose hours on the day you change your account time zone, thereby impacting your performance and your spend.

    For example, if you change your account time zone from Eastern Time to Pacific Time, you'll gain three hours to that day because of the time difference. Those three extra hours may lead to more performance and to extra spend as well. We strongly encourage you to monitor performance and to wait for a couple of days for your reporting to settle in the new time zone before you optimize your campaigns.

What doesn't change?

  • Scheduled imports from Google Ads
  • Ad targeting by day of week or time of day (which uses the customer's local time zone)
  • Automated rules
  • Billing
How to change your account time zoneexpando image

  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Preferences > Account settings.
  2. Select the Edit account settings pencil icon edit icon.
  3. Next to Account time zone, select the time zone you prefer.
  4. At the bottom of the page, select Save.

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