Ads not showing: What can I do?

If your ads aren't running and Microsoft Advertising can't determine why, here are some possible solutions.

Your ads aren't showing for this keyword at the moment, and Microsoft Advertising can't determine why. It could be because it's a new keyword, your quality score is too low, your bid is too low, or some other reason.

  • New keyword: It can take some time before a brand-new keyword is eligible to deliver ads. If you just added this keyword to your campaign, please check it again later.
  • Quality score too low: Learn about the Microsoft Advertising quality score and how to improve it
  • Bid too low: Raise your bid for this keyword and, if necessary, increase your budget for this campaign to increase your chance of beating out competitors to show an ad. Keep in mind, you can’t always get your ad to show by spending more money. Depending on the auction, an ad with a high quality score may outperform an ad with a lower quality score, even if the second ad's bid is higher.

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