Get email notifications for Microsoft Merchant Center

Learn how to sign up for email notifications for Microsoft Merchant Center.

Sign up to receive email notifications so you don't miss important information for your Microsoft Merchant Center. You'll receive the following notifications:

Notification type Why it's important
Store creation You'll receive an email confirming that your Microsoft Merchant Center store is approved and ready, under review, or rejected. We'll provide you with details on the next steps, depending on your store creation status.
Rejected offers You'll receive an email when we detect high rates of rejected offers in your catalogs. You'll need to check your feed for rejected offers and fix any errors.
Upcoming feed expiration You'll receive an email to remind you that you have one or more feeds that will expire within three days. We'll provide you details on best practices for keeping your feeds fresh, as well as reminders to upload your feeds at least once every 30 days.
Feed expiration You'll receive an email when one or more of your feeds have expired, which you'll want to fix as soon as possible because your product ads aren't displaying.
Automatically download file from URL If you're using the Automatically download file from URL function, you'll receive an email if there are any issues with downloading files.

Set up email notifications

When you initially create your Microsoft Merchant Center store, you select the preferred language for notifications and designate your contact for technical details. All emails related to the store will be sent to that contact. You can add additional contacts, but they will only receive updates on new launches and best practices.

  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Merchant center > Manage stores (shopping cart icon).
  2. In the table, under Edit store, select Edit.
  3. In the Contact details section, choose your language preference and enter an email address. You can add multiple email addresses, as long as they're separated by semicolons.
  4. Select Submit.

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