Add a Get a Ride icon to your ad

Add a clickable Get a Ride icon to your ads, a feature for Location Extensions.

The Get a Ride feature for Location Extensions offers iPhone users an easy way to call for a ride to your business from your ad. A customer can click the ride icon in your ad that launches the Uber app and if they're logged in to their Uber account, the destination will be pre-populated with your address. This feature is like an annotation, where it could be automatically included in your ad with no additional set-up from your end. If you want to opt out of Get a Ride, please contact your Account Manager or contact support.

Get a Ride Extension

Benefits of Get a Ride Extensions:

  • Increases user value and engagement.
  • Simplifies user efforts to reach your business location.
  • Increases the chance that users will visit your business.

What you need to know:

  • If a customer is logged in to an Uber app, clicking on the Get a Ride icon will open the Uber app with the locations pre-populated.
  • If a customer has an Uber account but isn't logged in to the Uber app, clicking on the Get a Ride icon takes the customer to the Uber sign in/register page. After signing in to Uber, the customer will need to enter the destination location.
  • Clicks on the Get a Ride icon is charged like any other clicks to your ads.
  • Reporting is available in the stand extension reports under "Get a Ride."
  • The Get a Ride icon may show in areas where Uber is not available. If a customer clicks on the icon, they will receive a message saying Uber is not available.

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