Call extensions: Add a phone number

Add a phone number to your ad that is appropriate for all locations where your ads display.

Want customers to contact you quickly with just a click or a call? Include a link to your company’s phone number using a call extension. Use a call extension to provide a phone number that's not associated with a particular location but can be used for all locations where your ads are showing. A call extension is a phone number that is displayed directly in your search ad. You can enter one call extension per campaign.

Call extensions

You can either use your own phone number or use a Microsoft Advertising forwarding phone number. A Microsoft Advertising forwarding phone number is a unique phone number that is routed to your business phone number. With a Microsoft Advertising forwarding number, you can track all calls from your ad so that you can analyze the ad’s performance. Any calls you receive from ads that are clicked are charged per click like regular search ads.

  • To get a Microsoft Advertising forwarding number, an ad group within a campaign using call extensions must have at least 10 clicks and $10.00 in spend for the previous month's billing cycle.
  • If a forwarding number is used, you can access reports that provide details like call duration and missed calls on all calls your ads have generated.

Call extensions have the added benefit of allowing you to specify if you want to show just your phone number or both your website and phone number. When selecting the Show just the phone number in the Mobile Format option, you'll only pay for the clicks to your phone number. Clicking on the phone number link will initiate a call to that number and you will be charged up to your bid amount (just as if the user had clicked on a website link).

You cannot target specific locations with call extensions. Call extensions can be used together with location extensions. You typically use location extensions to provide an address and local phone number associated with a local location. Using a call extension, you can provide a phone number that is not associated with a particular location, but is appropriate for all locations where your ads display. When these two features are used at the same time, the phone numbers displayed and the availability of click-to-call depend on the device where the ad is being viewed. To understand what to expect when using these features together, see How call and location extensions work together

Ability to set up in: All Bing markets

Serves in: Available in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States on all devices. Available in all other Bing markets on smartphones only, except for Belgium and China.

Get started with call extensions

Head over to the About ad extensions page for instructions to:

  • Add, edit, and delete ad extensions
  • Associate ad extensions to campaigns and ad groups

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