Callout extensions: Highlight your store's products or offers

Add extra snippets of text that highlights your store's products or offers.

Callout extensions provide an extra snippet of text that highlights your website’s products or offers. This extension is not clickable and can appear in addition to your ad’s description. Providing additional details about your website can make your ad more relevant to potential customers.


Callout text may not duplicate what is already stated in the ad. Our full list of callout extension policies can be found here.

Callout extensions

Each campaign and ad group can have 20 callout extensions associated with it and a minimum of two callouts must be associated with the campaign or ad group for the callout to serve. Keep in mind that your ads won’t always show callouts. If they do, the format may vary. Callout extensions are free to add to your ad.

Ability to set up in: All Bing markets

Serves in: All Bing markets, except China.

Callout extensions can be created or edited at the account, campaign, or ad group level. To select the level you want to make the changes in, select Account, Campaign, or Ad group below the Ad Extensions tab.

Comparing callout, filter link, and structured snippet extensions

Callout Filter link Structured snippet
When to use Showcase what makes your products or services unique. Create multiple links in your ad to specific products or services. Provide more context on specific aspects of your products or services.
Example "Free shipping • 24/7 Support" "Price: Under $20 • $20-$30 • $30-$50 • $50-$100 • $100-$150 • $150+" "Brands: Windows, Xbox, Skype"
Character limit 25 characters per callout 25 characters per value 25 characters per value
Minimum number 2 callouts 3 values 3 values
Maximum number 4 callouts 10 values Based on value length and screen size

Get started with callout extensions

Head over to the About ad extensions page for instructions to:

  • Add, edit, and delete ad extensions
  • Associate ad extensions to campaigns and ad groups

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