Make updates across accounts with bulk upload

You can make updates to campaign data across accounts with bulk upload.

Not everyone has this feature. Why not? Bulk upload is a powerful tool that allows you to manage multiple accounts. You need to have a Microsoft Advertising account manager to use it. If you have an account manager and you don’t see this feature in Microsoft Advertising, then contact your account manager.

If you manage multiple Microsoft Advertising accounts — each of which could themselves have multiple accounts, you can make updates across across any and all of their campaigns at the same time, in bulk.

What bulk upload gives you

Let's say you manage a number of accounts for a client, and on Friday morning, your client tells you that they've just started a huge sale. Instead of spending all weekend updating ad text one ad at a time, you can just download all the ads, edit them in bulk in Microsoft Excel, and then upload them -- before lunch!

Or maybe you've discovered a trend in keyword popularity and you want to raise all of your bids on certain keywords simultaneously, across all your accounts. Or you want to pause all bids on certain keywords. Or you want to add "Call now!" to every ad that has a call extension. You can build a query on any facet of campaign data and then make changes to any other facet -- the potential combinations are practically infinite!

How to do it

The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Set filters to query all of your campaign data, and then download the resulting campaign spreadsheet. For more information, see Download a spreadsheet for bulk upload.

  2. Make your changes in the downloaded spreadsheet. For more information, see How do I edit my downloaded spreadsheet for bulk upload?

  3. Upload the updated spreadsheet. For more information, see Upload an edited spreadsheet.

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