What are audience campaigns?

Learn about Microsoft Audience Ads, a way to place custom-designed ads in high-quality web properties.

This feature is available in all Microsoft Advertising markets.

Show compelling ads to your ideal audience in placements across the web—all powered by Microsoft AI. Microsoft Audience Ads can appear on sites like MSN, Microsoft Start, Microsoft Edge, Outlook.com, and publisher partners based on our unique knowledge about your potential customers. See below for more information on creating ads with images, feeds, and videos.

Microsoft Audience Ads are visually rich and integrate naturally into page content. These ads are designed to be highly relevant for potential customers, including those who have demonstrated purchase intent and those who are ready to buy.

Sample Microsoft Audience Ads

How does audience marketing work?

While search engine marketing is focused on showing the best ad for a search query, audience marketing is all about showing the best ad for individuals. With audience marketing, you can reach your ideal audience in the right place at the right time. Microsoft Audience Ads are targeted to potential customers based on our unique understanding of their interests.

Microsoft AI learns about individual consumers, including: 1) Their content preferences, 2) what products and services they're searching for, 3) what they've read on the web, 4) what they've purchased, and 5) LinkedIn profile data, among other variables. Then, our AI matches individuals with Microsoft Audience Ads that are personalized for them, so advertisers can reach an audience that's ready to take action.

The benefits of using Microsoft Audience Ads

  • Reach a wide audience across Microsoft sites, including MSN, Microsoft Start, Microsoft Edge, Outlook.com, and more.
  • Maximize your return on ad spend and increase conversions by engaging with potential customers who are ready to take action.
  • Optimize performance. We leverage our data about potential customers to help ensure that you meet your advertising goals.
  • Ensure your brand is safe with Integral Ad Science-certified brand safety protection.

Creating Microsoft Audience Ads

There are two different ways to create your ads: 1) You provide a feed and we'll automatically create your audience ads, or 2) you provide assets (images, text, and video) and these assets will serve with your audience ads.

Microsoft Audience Ads are easy to create, maintain, and optimize. To create an audience campaign, see How do I create an audience campaign?

Creating Microsoft Audience Ads with images

Rich visual imagery grabs people's attention and drives clicks. You can leverage any existing image assets from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Pinterest Ads. For more information about adding images to your Microsoft Audience Ads, see Best practices for audience ad images. Here's an example of what Microsoft Audience Ads with images could look like:

Sample image-based Microsoft Audience Ad

Creating Microsoft Audience Ads with feeds

You can use dynamic remarketing lists to remarket to potential customers based on the specific products they have looked at, considered, or already purchased on your website. You can promote ads to those potential customers using the same product IDs from your catalog feed file. Here's an example of what a feed-based audience ad could look like:

Sample feed-based Microsoft Audience Ad

Online video and connected TV (CTV) ads

Video ads are designed to capture your audience's attention and showcase your brand, boost visibility, and expand your video ad reach. You may choose to create online video ads or CTV ads. With each ad type, you can reach your target audience while they're streaming media. For more information about creating video ads, see About video ads.

Here are examples of what your online video ads or CTV ads could look like:

Online video ads

Sample online video ad

CTV ads

Sample CTV ad

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