Ad extension - Definition

Shows extra information with your ad, like your address, phone number, webpage links, Microsoft Merchant Center store catalog detail, or your app's link.

What it is

Ad extensions enhance your ad with additional information about your business. You can add a Location Extension (an address), Call Extension (a phone number), Sitelink Extension (a webpage link), or App Extension (your app’s link) to your ad.

Why it's important

Ad extensions improve your ad’s visibility, at no extra cost to you. With the extra information appearing on your ads, click-through-rates and conversions will likely increase, and you’ll be better able to target your ads to potential customers.

An example

Let’s say you own a café in a bustling neighborhood. A customer does a quick search, resulting in a handful of ads appearing for multiple cafes. How would you make your ad stand out? By including a Location Extension and local phone number, your customer can see the address of your café, or click the phone number and call your business directly. You can also include direct links to your café’s menus or additional information by including Sitelink Extensions. Having this additional information on your ad not only makes it stand out from the rest, but also provides a great experience for your customers by displaying important information at once.

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