Dynamic text - Definition

Dynamic text customizes your ad to a user's search query, making it more relevant and helping improve ad placement.

What it is

Dynamic text is a word or phrase that is automatically inserted into your ad title, ad text, or display URL.

Why it's important

Using dynamic text helps create more relevant ad copy and tailors ads to a user's actual searched term. This can help you get more clicks and conversions.

What you need to know

There are different types of dynamic text:

  • Keyword: Customize your ad title or text based on search queries
  • Display URL: Change the display URL based on search queries

You can also use dynamic text to update multiple ads ad once. Details are in the links below.

An example

Here's how you create an ad with dynamic text:

Keyword dynamic text

And here's the result:

Keywords in ads

{KeyWord} is an example of dynamic text. When you use {KeyWord} in your ad title and text, Microsoft Advertising automatically inserts your keyword, or the term the customer searched on that matches your keyword, into the ad when that ad is displayed.

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