App extensions: Promote and link to your apps

App extensions are additional elements that promote your app across PCs, tablets, and smartphones from your ad.

App extensions are additional elements of your ad that promote your app across PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Here are a few key benefits of using app extensions:

  • Adding an app extension to your ad is free and you only pay when your app extension link is clicked.
  • Promoting app installs in your ad increases downloads and usage of your app, in addition to website visits.
  • Clicks and app installs can be tracked as conversions at the campaign and ad group levels.

With app extensions, a customer's device and operating system is automatically detected and will take the user directly to the correct app store.

App Extension

Ability to set up in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Serves in: Bing Mobile and Bing tablet traffic in all markets. On Yahoo tablet traffic in the U.S. Supports iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. App stores include iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and Windows Store.

Compare app extensions and app install ads

An app extension is similar to an app install ad. They both use third-party measurement URLs to track conversion goals. Both include app icons and send users to the app store as appropriate for the device they are using. Here are some key differences:

Feature App install ads App extensions
Final URL No display URL: All clicks head to the appropriate app store. Pairs with search ads; serves based on ad extension settings.
Tracking Uses measurement URL and optional, third-party tracking template. You can add URL suffixes and custom parameters for expanded tracking. Uses measurement URL and optional, third-party tracking template
Extensions Will not appear with any ad extensions Up to one app extension can be associated with an account, campaign, or ad group that uses other ad extension types
Call-to-action Install button included by default for all devices Customizable action button on desktop
Position Anywhere in the search results Mainline and sidebar
Devices supported iOS and Android mobile phones Most smartphones and tablets
What you pay for When someone clicks on the ad When someone clicks on the ad

Get to know app extensions

When you create an app extension, you'll want basic information on hand: mobile operating system, app ID/package name, link text, and link URL.

Consider if you'd like to report app installs as a conversion goal. If you do, you'll want to sign up with a Microsoft Advertising-certified partner to view app installs as conversions within the Microsoft Advertising report. Check out tracking mobile app installs as conversions for help setting up those goals.

Whether or not your ad shows on mobile devices only depends on several things, including your ad group device preferences and if you have other ads in your ad group. App extensions will serve on mobile and tablet devices, but if you prefer that your ads appear on mobile devices, be sure to select Prefer mobile devices. Selecting this preference doesn't mean that your ads will be excluded from tablets.

Your app ID can be found in the URL of the app from the respective app store.

  • Windows Store
  • Windows Phone Store
  • Google Play
  • Apple App Store

Get started with app extensions

You can create an app extension yourself or import one from your Google Ads account.

Create an app extension

  1. From the collapsible menu on the left, select All campaigns > Ads & extensions > Extensions.
  2. Select Account to associate the extension with your account.
    Note: You can associate extensions with campaigns and ad groups later as needed.
  3. From the extensions dropdown, select App Extensions.
  4. Select Create > Create new App Extension.
  5. Enter the extension details in the Add new App Extension panel.
  6. Select Save. The new extension is added and shown in the Selected App Extensions list.
  7. On the main page, select Save to finish adding the extension to your account.

Head over to the About ad extensions page for instructions to:

  • Adding, editing, and deleting ad extensions
  • Associating ad extensions with an account, campaign, or ad group

Import an app extension from your Google Ads account

For information on how to import app extensions from your Google Ads account, please see Import campaigns directly from Google Ads and go to the "Advanced import" section.

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