Status - Definition

There are different types of statuses in Microsoft Advertising. Learn about each one.

What it is

Microsoft Advertising has two status types: delivery status and entity status.

What you need to know

Status type What it means
Delivery status This tells you if your campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword is operating correctly. It is found in the Delivery column on the Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, or Keywords table. The status Eligible indicates that your ad or keyword is available to be displayed, unless there is an issue with your account status or financial status. Learn more about delivery status
Entity status This is the basic status of individual ad groups, ads, keywords, extensions, etc. When you create an entity, its status is set by default to Enabled (shown as Enabled icon). You can change this status to Paused (shown as Paused icon) and back to Enabled at any time. Learn more about entity status

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