If an account is deactivated or deleted

If an account is deactivated or deleted, it could be because an owner or manager closed it, or it was deactivated under Microsoft Advertising policy for being inactive too long. Here's what that means and what you can do.

There may come times when strategies or priorities shift, and some accounts might slow down or get less attention. But if an account falls inactive for an extended period of time, it might be subject to deactivation or deletion, under Microsoft Advertising policy.

An account is deactivated by Microsoft Advertising if it has had no spend—meaning, none of the account's ads have generated any charges for clicks—for 15 months. If you find an ad account has been deactivated or deleted, check first that nobody else who has access to the account has paused its campaigns or deactivated it manually. But if neither of those are the case, the account might be deleted because it was dark for too long.

Here is what happens when an account is subject to the Microsoft Advertising deletion policy due to inactivity.

Status When What happens What you can do
Deactivation After 15 months of account inactivity
  • No ads will run from its campaigns.
  • You will receive a notification and an email.
  • You can sign in to access account information and download campaign data.
  • You cannot request any billing adjustments on deactivated accounts.
To request account reactivation, contact Microsoft Advertising support within 12 months.
Deletion 12 months after deactivation
  • All account information and data will be deleted and cannot be restored.
  • You will receive a notification and an email.
  • Any remaining charges will be made to your primary payment method.
  • No billing adjustments will be available.
Deleted accounts cannot be restored. To resume running ads, you will need to create a new account.

Microsoft may close your account (or accounts) or ban you from Microsoft Advertising if we suspect that you willfully or repeatedly violated our terms or our policies. You cannot sign in to a closed account or access its information or its data. At our discretion, we may reactivate your account if you remedy the violation.

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