Download and print a billing statement or invoice

How to download and print your billing statements, invoices, or other billing documents.

You can download and print your billing information at any time from the Billing tab, including payments you've made (billing statements), bills you've received (invoices), and credit or debit adjustments.


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  1. Choose the option that's available to you from the global menu: Click the gear icon gear icon, and then click Billing & Payments. Or, click Tools, and then click Billing & Payments.
  2. From Billing Summary, select one or more documents in the table, and click Download documents. (If you don't see any documents in the table, select a different date range in the drop-down list to show past documents.)
  3. Open or save the zip file to your computer.

After you download the PDF documents, you can print them from your computer.


Statements and invoices are always based on Pacific Time.

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