Fix a Disapproved or Approved Limited status

Learn how to find out why your ad or keyword is Disapproved or Approved Limited, verify that you're following Microsoft Advertising policies, and fix the issue.

As part of the editorial review process, the components of your ad are reviewed to ensure that they meet Microsoft Advertising policies. Ad components that don't pass the review process receive either Disapproved or Approved Limited status.

Here's what you can do about it:

Determine the specific reason for the Disapproved or Approved Limited status

  1. From the collapsible menu on the left, select All campaigns.

    If you're using the new Microsoft Advertising navigation, from the navigation menu on the left, hover over Campaigns and select Campaigns.

  2. Choose Keywords or Ads & extensions, depending on the component you'd like to review.
  3. Under the Delivery column in the table, hover over the status to view the details.
About our mode of detection and rejection

Our mode of detection specifies how the ad was evaluated before being marked as Disapproved or Approved Limited. The values are:

  • System: The ad was flagged by our system's evaluation.
  • User: The ad was flagged by one or more potential customers who saw the ad.
  • Legal order: The ad was specifically requested to be taken down by a regulatory body through a legal order.

Once detected, the ad undergoes further review. The ad's rejection could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • System: The ad was disapproved by our system's evaluation.
  • Manual: The ad was disapproved by our reviewers.

Did you receive an email saying that you had a Disapproved or Approved Limited ad or keyword, but you took the above steps and don't see any ad or keyword listed as such? Here's what may have happened:

  • Your ad or keyword may have been pending review in one or more of your targeted locations (Approved Limited status), and by the time you followed these steps, it was approved. For more information on Approved Limited, see What does Approved Limited status mean?
  • The Microsoft Advertising team regularly performs spot checks on its editorial rejections, and occasionally overturns rejections. Your ad or keyword may have been Disapproved at first, but then was approved after being spot checked.

Consult Microsoft Advertising policies

Review the Microsoft Advertising policies related to the Disapproved reasons for your ad components (see above). Note that the policies may vary depending on the country/region in which the ad is displayed.

Fix the issue

Disapproved ads
From the Ads table, hover over the ad in the Ad column and select the pencil icon. Make any necessary edits and select Save. We will perform a new editorial review on the updated ad.
Disapproved keywords
You cannot edit a keyword. However, you can add a new keyword and then delete the disapproved keyword. If you add a new keyword, it will be submitted for editorial review when you select Save.
Disapproved ad extensions
From the Ad Extensions table, select the checkbox next to the ad extension, and then select Edit > Edit an extension. Make any necessary edits and select Save. We will perform a new editorial review on the updated content.
Disapproved feed items
Fix the issue in your feed and re-upload it, as described in Business data feeds.

Request an exception

If, after reviewing the Microsoft Advertising policies, you believe you were disapproved in error, you can request an exception. With the request, you tell us the reason you want an exception and we will review the ad component again.

Ads and keywords

  1. In the Ads or Keywords table, select the checkbox next to the affected ad or keyword.
  2. Select Edit > Request exception.
  3. In the Tell us your reason for requesting an exception box, enter your reasons why the ad or keyword should be approved.
  4. Select Request an exception.
Ad extensions and ad customizers
Please contact support to request an exception.

For more information, see How do I challenge a disapproval?

My ad was disapproved, but I see other ads with the same issues. Why?

We have many checks in place to identify and remove content that violates Microsoft Advertising policies. If there is content on our network that is in violation of our policies, it's simply a matter of time before it is found and removed.

If you find content on our network that you believe is in violation of Microsoft Advertising policies, please report it to us through our Report Low Quality Ad form. We will review the ad and take action if it violates our policies.

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