About Microsoft Advertising Editor

Microsoft Advertising Editor lets you manage your campaigns offline, using an intuitive and simple computer application.

Save time and improve the performance of your search marketing campaigns. When you download Microsoft Advertising Editor for Mac or Windows, you'll get an intuitive and simple computer application that streamlines your search campaign management — online or offline.

Why use Microsoft Advertising Editor?

  • Get started quickly: Transfer your account data with Google Import directly in to Microsoft Advertising Editor.
  • Work faster: Sync your campaigns and accounts, make changes or additions offline, and then upload your revisions with one click.
  • Make edits in bulk: Create campaigns, edit ads, and manage millions of keywords at once. Plus, efficiently manage URLs, ad copy, budgets, bids, targeting, and ad extensions.
  • Multiple-account management: Download multiple accounts at the same time, copy and paste from one account to another, and perform multiple Google Imports simultaneously.
  • Research new keywords and bids: Discover new keywords and bids using the keyword research tools, then easily add them to your campaigns.
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